Ice Skate Technology

Netherlands is a country in skating. When the first frost starts at many already itching. When run on naturally?When will the Elfstedentocht site? But even skating on rinks is popular. This is partly due to the success of the Dutch all-round skaters and sprinters. But how do you get yourself a successful skater? More importantly, how do you ensure optimum skating pleasure? Therefore, it is important to pay due attention to good skate technique! At the skating technique, a number of aspects are of importance.

Skating Position

A good Skate attitude is an important basis for a good Skate technology.

  • Stand upright on your skates.
  • Take a sitting position and bend your knees here at an angle between 90 and 110 degrees. And bring your knees forward, slide hereby emphasis buttocks behind his heels.
  • Lean your upper body forward until it is horizontal. The angle between the thighs and lower body must be 45 degrees.

In short, particularly deep and torso horizontally!


It is not to drop it again? ?? turn aside, but?? ??. The more the issue is sideways, the better. Art is the side shops to develop speed forward. Here the Skate of the iron will remain as long as possible in contact with the ice. Do not remove the tip of the Skate but with the entire iron. The Skate slides over this outlet? only?? through. This is significantly different from for example walking, where you vent and with the feet come off the ground. Another important aspect here is the angle that is deposited. The angle between the skate and the ice should be as small as possible to minimize the waste of energy.

Stroke skate and send

To go out to gradually implement its ranks since rak:

  • Agents left leg and falling movement to the right
  • Right leg behind left leg drop and bijhalen
  • Marketing the right leg and falling movement to the left
  • The left leg behind the right leg drop and bijhalen

The iron in the shoe slide with little friction on the ice. By tilting the Skate digging edge of the iron in the ice and can be controlled. The direction of the skate and thus the skater will change because of this.


In long track Speedskating is a curve indispensable technology. Unlike skating straight on, facing the body of the curve tilts to the left. In particular, the movement of the left leg which is different from the movement in a straight line. The steps switch on?? ?? is successively:

  • The right leg is a lateral motion extension, like to go to the right.
  • After this, the right front of the Skate is placed along the left skate. The right Skate should not be positioned too far to the left as it is at the expense of lateral outlets.
  • The left leg stretches for the lower body through.
  • After that, the left foot put next to the right foot. The entire United States hereby must touch the ice skating and the left should not be placed too far forward.

When it comes to posture and movements district the following changes compared to straight skates:

  • Asymmetric movement of the curve
  • Inclination of the body is skewed to the left. It is important not to have any fear, and realize that you cut with the slope of the ice and therefore have to do extra pace.
  • The left shoulder is slightly lower than the right shoulder and the head looks around the bend.

Other factors that affect the speed and skating fun

  • To meet a good Skate technology alone is not enough. Choose good quality skates suitable for the level is ice skating.
  • Provide functional and well fitting Skate clothes. Let yourself be advised by an expert.
  • Remember that safety is not. Always use appropriate protective gloves to prevent injuries and cuts.Often the gloves mandatory. Wearing a helmet is not mandatory, but it is like to wear wrist guards, a good security measure. Also with the hang of?? good brakes?? and?? well the fall?? is important.
  • Join a Skating Club. Trainers help everyone to their level to perform optimally and give practical advice for the correct implementation of the skating technique.