I Love Leggings

My leggings and me, it’s a little a story of couples… huh?
And Yes, a 1 stroke, then a break and thankfully… the story ends well: passionate reunion!

I Love Leggings

All started 2 years ago.
At that time, I was not bad, and with a girlfriend, we managed to return to the Baron, high place of the night! The best box IN ALL THE WORLD! (aghh… one day I will definitely!)
But what’s the deal with leggings?… wait, wait, I’m coming!
So, now that I see the Baron? KIRSTEN DUNST: thing of Phew!
The miss was pretty stoned it must be said, but she had especially a little white dress cute… with black leggings (ah ben still! here they are…)

Neither one nor two, fall in love at 1st sight of the holding of the starlet, the next day, I find myself a little white dress and shows my gym shorts (Yes, we can not deny it, the leggings has become always  pregnancy jeggings): and there, the flop! the disappointment! indifference! No success with my friends… Not very reckless, I confess, I throw away them. Between us it’s over… snif snif!

Then months passed…
I meet them sometimes in the street in Paris, without completely pay attention. No jealousy on my part. They indifferent me.
It could be a fling…

But now in the month of April this year, I’m leaving for the weekend at a friend’s House in Marseille and I discover with amazement the mad success of leggings! They all have!
Need me them! Forgive me, pretty underwear and correct me!
And it is thus that we were and that we don’t split up almost more…

I found lots of small, short dresses often (thanks leggings for allowing me to put short! without you, I’ll be maybe at the ankle point)
And then, with you it is comfort assured: I wouldn’t be better with my old friend him sweatpants’!

Leggings, I love you!