Hydration Backpacks, Models, Prices

For sports that require a lot of athletes are recommended hydration backpacks, they can be found in any electronic market site where it is available in the market we will make available to you the list of products and prices that we find through the website of Magazine Luiza , So that you can effect your acquisitions and also benefit from what the site has to offer them, do not stop entering the portal and do your research to find additional information.

To find moisturizing backpacks we recommend that you search for the following models in which we will indicate below, along with their respective prices and characteristics, so you can choose from the one that best suits you, follows our recommendation of some models found on the site:

Cylinder hose outlet: top of the backpack near the zipper.

Comes with hoseValve


Number of pockets: 02. Strap: adjustable.

Tape: – pectoral; – abdominal.Zíper: rear.

Type of aperture: upper.

Suggested price: R $ 139,90

2 Liter Water Bag with Valve and Nozzle-Azteq Hydrabag

Weight approx. Of the product: 215 grams.

Weight approx. With packaging: 230 grams.

Dimensions approx. Of the product (W x H x D): 30 x 18 x 01 cm.

Dimensions approx. With packaging (L x W x D): 30 x 18 x 01 cm.

Term of Guarantee: 06 months.

Suggested price: R $ 89,00

Hydra Hydration Backpack-Nautika

Material: Oxford polyester PU Rip-Stop high tenacity.

Compartment: detachable inner for hydration system.

Handbags: 01 external.

Side: quilted with dry type screen for comfort and ventilation.

Suggested Price: R $ 79,90

These are just some of the models of hydration packs, you can also find a much more complete relationship by accessing the site and searching for these products, do not forget to access and also check the availability of products in which they are being offered through it. The same models of products can also be found through sites such as Jacotei, which is also an excellent option for those who are looking for good possibilities to save money, the portal will offer the complete list of products in which it makes available to you highlighting the Sites in which they market the same for the best prices that can be found in the market today, so you can make your purchases according to your preferences.

Basically the prices of moisturizing backpacks are more or less these from there, remembering that they may vary slightly depending on where you purchase these products, below is the link to the Magazine Luiza portal so you can find among these Also other options that may be useful for you to make your purchases more easy and also benefit from what the site has to provide them in terms of service, contact the company’s call center. To access the official website for Magazine Luiza we recommend that you use the following link:out site.Here you can find the complete list of products that the company offers to its customers and also make their purchases according to their preferences, and of course find other product models as well. We are all wishing good shopping.