How Would the Google Search Engine with Material Design

With Android 5.0 Lollipop, the Google revealed the material design, new visual language inspired by real – world materials like paper sheets, to establish the behavior of the interface elements and give a sense of depth. The main Google applications have adopted the material design. But what if the company followed the same style in the browser?

In Dribble, the Canadian designer Aurélien Salomon recreated the Google search results page based on some concepts of Material Design. The result is quite pleasing visually:

The Google white page out to make way for a full color interface and brings ideas Material Design, as greater spacing between elements, the cards information and circular action buttons. Perhaps the main problem is that in many cases there will be fewer links displayed above the fold, forcing the user to scroll down the page more often – and the mockup does not consider Google ads.

Although Google be applying the Material Design in the main product, we do not know whether the Mountain View staff intend to use the same concepts on the web; as far as I remember, the only Google service that replicates the look of the application is the Inbox. In addition, Google does not usually drastically change your browser, which is not so different from what we saw ten years ago.

But it would be interesting, right?