How to Wear Several Rings

Wear these rings at the same time, it is possible but it is not easy. Yet, the radius of the jewelry, it is trendy. It’s called the stacking and it’s really very cool. To help you, here’s some inspiration and guidance mode of Blake Lively, expert in the field.

For some time, it tickles you. You dream to learn to collect the rings as all it girls, crazy mode.

Dream come true. Here, will draw inspiration on Pinterest and draw the right conclusions and fashion tips to dive into the ring without splash.

Wear several rings: operating instructions

Multiply the rings on the fingers has, for a long time, a special place in the fashion trends. First, the summer madness, the stacking became a timeless practice. Summer or winter, we combine the rings on the fingers. Even if it’s true it’s a detail mode of summer that we love, the little darling of the season.

The secret to wear several rings? Vary the models and control the proportions. To avoid, for example, wear large rings to all of them at the risk of looking like Snoop Dogg.

To put several rings, just play on the lengths, sizes, and colors. And then also on models: with the rings of phalanges, you dress really all fingers.

To earn the rings, you should alternate and mix the big rings and finer as a smooth ring. We must give free rein to your creativity to find your style and create compositions that look like you.

We recommend, however, to put on the biggest pieces to the index or middle finger to balance accumulation.

Contrary to what you may think, you can mix the metals. Yellow, rose gold or silver, you imagine the accumulation you want. All, it is to stay in the same universe.

Rock or Bohemian, pick a style and go for it.

Psst, if you have tattoos, you can collect the rings and tattoos with fingers as Cara Delevingne and its lion’s head…

Blake Lively, Queen of the stacking

We can say whatever we want: fashionable and Blake Lively, it’s really osmosis. The evening dresses Blake Lively are all nicer to each other and his style is always perfectly mastered. Until the end of the fingers, same.

Blake Lively is the Queen of the accumulation of rings. On her instagram, were fashion inspiration.

To wear several rings, she play with different styles of rings. Here, for example, she plays with the rings effect tattoos, Accessories fashion of the 90s, and the rings of luxury as her beautiful engagement ring.