How to Wear Culotte Pants

Do you like a little ‘loose pants and that reach the ankles? Then you have a passion for culotte models and in this article we show a series of outfits to copy and tips to follow.

Among the many must-have of the hot season, we have discovered in recent months, we have also found the culotte pants. What are? Surely you happen to see them, but not all know that they are known by this name. To be clear, these are very wide trousers, sometimes so much that it seems skirts, arriving below the knee but above the ankle. Most of these have high life and are almost all equipped with a belt, ideal just to wring the waist.

Their debut was not the most rosy, because on one hand we find the fashion lovers who are crazy, so me the stars from around the world, especially those from overseas, the other is a front that tries to resist these creations since they are so far away from the trends that we are cherished. We are usual wear and see very tight skinny pants, shorts to mid-thigh or at most slipped and masculine models, but the shorts do not fit at all in the collective imagination, at least not yet.

To appreciate them are few but it is true that we must try to understand that not only are very trendy but are also very comfortable and fresh! In short, they are a real holy hand for this summer so why deprive themselves? In this article we thought not only to explain what they are but also how to wear culotte pants with style and at all times.
How to combine the best?

Anything but discounted it at all difficult to match, the culotte pants marry well with a simple white t-shirt. Obviously it wants to show off a style similar look and you might be running errands around town or go to work or college.It’s not complicated and with the addition of a few accessories, like a beautiful wide-brimmed hat, you’ll be perfect!

Since they are high waist pants you are allowed to wear the crop top to create a stylish summer outfits and glamorous. Betting on a color or a contrasting fantasy or if you are feeling sure of yourself, but especially if you choose black or white, you can also show off a total monochromatic look.

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The shirt is always a good ally and also with culotte pants goes perfectly. You could create a more summery combination, perhaps choosing a model in linen or maybe characterized by lines in a nautical theme, or play it safe and prefer a white silk blouse.

All the top sleeveless or with thin straps are ideal for developing a stylish outfit. Also, to match the culotte pants for a more formal look, we suggest you to add a jacket, a blazer or better by well shaped woman, contrast or tone on tone, ideal for the working days.