How to Wear Coloured Mascara

Have you ever thought about colored mascara? They are probably still not as fashionable and the impact damage is strong enough. The last time he was seen was 90 years, and today women avoid it because they have the fear of appearing “dated.” Maybe it’s nostalgia, or just the effect of the fashion week in New York, but to me are returning to enjoy these colorful mascara: do incredibly out the color of the eyes, makes it the widest eye area and is an extremely fun way to play with colors. Here are three tips to use this product without mixing the colors too.


If you want to bring out your blue eyes, try using a bright navy blue color to accentuate their depth. One of the biggest mistakes women with colored mascara is to put the eye shadow color, better to opt instead for a complementary color.


The green looks best on brown eyes and brown, illuminates them incredibly. If you are still hesitant on the good result obtained with a colored mascara, the advice is to apply the usual black base and color only the tips of the lashes. Or try a shade as suggested by ehuacom that has the basic black, this would help to give only a hint of color.


The purple mascara is one of the colors that sell better. Excellent news for girls with green eyes, because it is the shade that looks best on them. Do not be afraid to put in abbandonza, it is important that the color you see … after all this is the purpose! It’s a great way to color your eyes without having the time to create a full makeup.

What do you think about it? Have you ever used the colored mascara? Do you think it’s too “catwalk” or if used with suitable restraint for a make up from everyday life?