How to Wear Body Chain Jewelry

Since you sported Miley Cyrus, the necklace for the body has become a real trend. A little belt, a little bijoux: find out how to wear it to the fullest.

It is one of the trends of summer in terms of accessories: the sea is all decorated by the body chain, the chain adorning the body in bikinis. The brand Victoria’s secret has cleared, and Miley Cyrus, Rihanna and many other stars have already sported. What are you waiting for? Find out Wholesaleably for how to wear it to the fullest.

What is it?

A little belt a little jewel, the body chain, literally body chain, a chain that surrounds the neck and waist, crossing at chest height. Its texture is very fine, which doesn’t make it vulgar or too visible.

Wear it like this:

-With the traditional classical style two piece bikini: indrociata at chest height enhances the breast a little filling.

-With belt: the cute idea is to wear it under the band, to make it “pop” is around the neck and the abdomen, giving the illusion that it is a peculiarity of the costume.

-With the whole: Ideally, you should wear it in all forms and tanning, sliding it on bare skin. But also the entire can get along with this chain.

The body chain is perfect for evening wear, for a party on the beach, but also for the day. Only detail: Beware of the material of which it is composed, which in contact with water and sunscreen is likely to oxidize.

After some advice you ready to wear your bikini top accessory: who knows how many body chain we’ll sparkle on the beaches!