How To Wear a White Blouse

The white blouse is the queen of the basics among the most used garments, because we all have one in the closet and if we know how to combine it well, we can get the most out of the same garment endless times.

The white blouse is a timeless piece that, used with the right accessories, can give us from an informal air to an executive look and even, can be the star garment in a night out.

If you do not already have one, invest in a good quality garment to last as long as possible and prepare to learn how to combine a white blousewith these tips that we share in this article.

White Blouse And Jeans

It is one of the most versatile combinations that exist. Surely you have more than one model of jeans and that will allow you to play even more with the possible combinations of white blouse and jean:

If you are stylized, tight jeans with a white blouse with three quarters of sleeves or rolled up and some heels will make you look like a working girl. If you add a black blazer and a small wallet of good quality and you are ready for a night out with friends.

A pair of slightly ripped jeans with a white shirt that goes out of the pants and sports shoes will give you an informal air that you can use for day to day. If you want to give a more sophisticated turn, change the shoes for dancers and wear the blouse inside the pants.

If you’re a fan of the jeans boyfriend , you can combine them with a white shirt or blouse buttoned to the front and beige sandals for a lookmore casual and masculine pants equilibrate. In this other article of a How can you know how to combine boyfriend jeans .

For sunny weekends and high temperatures, a loose white blouse andshort jean are a good combination if you accompany them with a candy-colored wallet and open sandals.

Another option for a summer day is a white cotton blouse and a jean or overoll .

White Blouse And Black Pants

Combining a white blouse and black pants is one of the easiest and most versatile bets, because with the right accessories allows us to have alook that serves different occasions during the day.

An infallible combination for a business meeting or lunch is a white long-sleeved blouse with black pants and high heels. If you want to give him more sobriety, button the shirt up and add a black bow around his neck, a thin tie or black suspenders to play with a more masculine look.

If the manly elements are not your thing, you can wear loose the first buttons of the blouse and add a blazer of the same color of the pants.

A black or gray wool sweater over a white long sleeve shirt and sports shoes will make you look comfortable but sophisticated. If you want to give it a more casual air, change the sports shoes for dancers.

If the pants are a wide boot, combine them with a white blouse with bare shoulders complete the retro look with a platform sandals.

White Blouse With White Pants

This type of combination is for women who are not afraid of monochrome or are willing to play with it eventually is the combination of white blouse with white pants:

A blouse, trousers and white blazer combination can help you project a safety and leadership image. Of course, you must make sure everything is of the same tone. Nude color shoes will complete the look .

If the monochrome does not convince you, change the white blazer to a navy blue or add a scarf or handkerchief that stands out.

You can add a jacket or beige sweater to the shirt and white pants. If the shirt is short sleeved, a jean vest can complement the look .

If on the contrary you are looking for to break the unit chromatic, combines your white blouse and pants with a sweater of intense color, like a burgundy.

White And Printed Blouse

It is an option for those who look for an irreverent wink in the day to day but without becoming too extravagant. In a combination of white blouse with skirt or printed trousers, the blouse brings sobriety, thus balancing the visual attention generated by the print:

Combining a white long-sleeved blouse with a vertical striped trousers will make you look taller and more stylish.

A printed or flowered tube skirt with a white blouse will serve you for a casual lunch or a daytime event.

If you are looking for a bohemian look and you have a floral skirt or trousers, a white sleeveless shirt with lace will help you achieve it.

A flowered skirt or polka dots underneath the knee, wedge shoes and a white shirt, smooth and short sleeves give you a retro look.

A maxi print skirt with a white long sleeve blouse can be a good outfit for an evening event. She wears the shirt inside the skirt and adds a pair of high-heeled sandals.

If the print is military type, combine the white shirt with accessories caramel color. If it is a tight pants, a heel shoes or platform.

If the pants are animal print , make sure your shoes are nude. Let the pants stand out and the white blouse is the balance.

White Blouse And Colored Trousers

If you do not dare with the prints but want to stand out, a better option for you could be to combine a white blouse with colorful pants:

A white blouse, short sleeves or sleeveless with a magenta trousers serves you to go to the office and project a formal and youthful image at the same time.

If you have a pale pink, mint or pastel shorts that you do not know how to combine, wear your white short-sleeved blouse inside the pants with dark heels.

Burgundy trousers with a white blouse and black heels can be a combination for a date or evening out.

White Blouse And Leather

The aggressiveness that the leather garments contribute to the look can be reduced or balanced with if you know to combine with a white blouse with leather. It is one of the most used bets by celebrities both for the day and for night out for its versatility. So if you have a pair of black, brown or candy leather pants or skirts here you have a few options:

If you have black leather pants you can combine them with a white cotton blouse and black booties. If you are going to use accessories, make sure that they are silver plated or black, not gold.

If you need a more formal style, do not use cotton cloth, it combines a long white blouse buttoned to the front and black heels.

A white cotton shirt and short sleeve goes great with a leather skirt.For a more youthful look , combine them with unicolored sports shoes.

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