How to Wear a Summer Dress in Winter

Who would have thought, but it is possible to wear clothes also on Tuesday-not just on Sundays. In addition, there was not enough rock this winter… but this changes now-this week. AllSaints’ dresses have been around for ages-so it’s been five years and it’s been washed quite often and actually-it is not really suitable for the cold season at all-it’s a summer dress. But what do I really care about the temperatures…

How to Wear a Summer Dress in Winter

Dress On Tuesday

If you want to know more about AllSaints, you need to log in. Do you want to know more about this place? I have had this allSaints dress which I am wearing for a long time. But since when did you feel like this?

Summer Dress In Winter

By the way, Susi aka Texterella has just written a very readable post about the subject EIGENTLICH… But that only so on the edge… Because “actually” I wanted to show you only that a summer dress can be worn at zero degrees… What is too short is The little details of summer dress I have still so hot on Sunday and which are always worth a second glance at summerdressesstore. But that does not matter-I’ll show you in the summer…. :-). I wish you a wonderful week, dear greeting

PS: I swear to you, even if we just have plus degrees and you think you do not need a hot water bottle… so be sure, next winter will come. Until Saturday, you have time to comment on THE PILL…

Really Nothing

By the way, Susi therefore known as copywriter Ella has just written a post worth reading about the theme REALLY… but did was just to aside… Because really I just wanted to show you did it is possible to wear a summer dress When the Temperatures outside are Barely overzero degrees. What is the best way to get the best out of the world? But that does not matter-I’ll show you the summer… Have a great week. Best wishes, Conny.