How to Wear a Maxi Sweater

Do you know how to wear the maxi pull? We reveal a few tips to match it perfectly

As you know one of the leaders of clothing that is definitely getting the better of a few seasons in this part and that has confirmed a real must-have at the moment is the big pull. But sure you know how to wear it and how well you match it?

It’s actually much simpler than it is believed but never take anything for granted. First always think first of all to color contrasts, so the correct color matching. Always think about the nuances of trendand always try to create a little ‘because the contrastpullover oversize, precisely because of their large size, are likely to dominate too much of the skirt or trousers. Incidentally, some of these are so big as to be simply worn with tights, recommend them opaque, turning this way in a warm and comfortable suit.

To wear the maxi pullover with a trouser perfectly must take into consideration the proportions. Many times we explained that when the top is over the sub must be dry and thin, and vice versa. In this case, all that will go below the jerseys must absolutely be slim. As for the bets on models pants skinny or at least straight. If they are members can also dare with a model who discovers his ankles. If the jerseys are quite long, especially on the back, you can opt for the most comfortable and beloved leggings. Try with shorts? It’s actually not at all discouraged, provided the shorts you notice and are not entirely covered by your oversized sweater.

Wear the maxi pull the skirt is not recommended but it is definitely not the top of the looks. If it is in pencil definitely you are able to create the right balance but it is not always correct. It can also go with a short, flared model, maybe a little ‘wheel, so as to open up like a corolla below the maxi pull. The long, however, are not the top, but if you want to show off a look specially cozy, or a little ‘convenient and unkempt, then go ahead.