How to Use Sweat Suit?

To maximize the effectiveness of impermeable suits, the team Domyos and Oxylane Research have developed a new range of products, meeting the needs and requirements of the most sporting of you and of any active person wanting to stay in shape while limiting thermal risks.

Now, medicinelearners will tell you why and how to wear sweat suit!

What Is a Sweat Suit?

The sweat clothes, non-breathable material, have the effect of increasing perspiration and therefore sweating. This serves to remove excess heat in the body and to regulate body temperature (37 °), by the evaporation of water, which cools the skin. Generally, wearing these clothes is used in an objective of water loss or even weight loss, to eliminate a maximum.

It is of course accompanied by a sport. Nevertheless, it requires it to good use.

How to Use a Sweat Suit?

Merely wearing sweat clothes is not enough to lose weight! Their use is involved in connection with a sport, what is more, even. This activity should not necessarily be intense, besides many walkers use a sweat belt as part of their effort.

But be careful not to wear them anytime and anyhow because if the water loss is more important than inputs, it can lead to dehydration. Do not forget to drink regularly throughout your effort! Clothes sweating can be used on medium and long term, but not hold (worn too long sweat clothes can cause irritation and increase too much loss of vitamins and minerals. that 1% makes up the sweat is very important for the proper functioning of the body), in order to experience the best benefits.

For optimal effectiveness, it is possible to calculate the sweat rate, but still depends on the thermal conditions in which you will practice. Avoid use in extreme temperature conditions, for example in case of hot weather.

What Are the Effects and Benefits of Sweat Clothes?

The effects and consequences of sweating is increased by wearing sweat clothes. They can have very beneficial effects:

  • Wearing a sweat suit increases water loss. You will have the impression of having lost weight after physical activity and sport. In fact, you’ll mostly lost water you retrieve hydrating you again. We therefore insist that sweating garment helps to regain a slender shape and strengthen glutes and thighs, only if coupled with physical activity and a diet. It is not intended to reduce the fat or tone muscles.
  • When you sweat, you eliminate toxins. With a sweat suit, you increase the elimination of these toxins.
  • Sweat clothes are perfect for warming up. Indeed, because of neoprene (lightweight thermal insulation), polyamide (low friction), PVC (water resistant) and Lycra (especially for elastic belts because) they are not respirable. This is also why they are more sweat. So they warm the muscles, cold weather is important but also alleviates muscle fatigue after exercise.
  • They smooth the skin. Better quality, it is true that the sweat clothes make the skin soft.
  • They accompany the fight against cellulite (caused by water retention) and thus the orange peel effect. As it accelerates the circulation, the sweat clothes smooth cellulite and have a draining function . We recommend wearing a sweat shorts in this case.

The Sweat Clothes Domyos: What Have They for?

As they are not breathable, the sweat clothes do not allow evaporation of sweat. Domyos, in collaboration with Oxylane Research has demonstrated, first, that the sweat does not evaporate, stagnating on the skin and allowed to rehydrate naturally after exercise; secondly, the new Domyos sweat clothes were designed to boost sweating while limiting the risks of hyperthermia.

During fitness training, we advise you to test our shorts and bermudas for their draining action. Sweating belt, in turn, can help you narrow waist and hips. It is mainly used in the foot race. So you can wear during your workouts on treadmills. Finally, sweat sweating, body-covering (jacket and trousers) is ideal for warm up and warm up all the muscles.

You’ll understand the Domyos sweat clothes are effective and they are designed to limit the risk of hyperthermia. Use them in the context of a sport and physical activity in non-extreme temperature conditions. To complement the use of uniforms sweating, do not forget to drink water of course, but think about food .

Eat more fruits and vegetables rich in water (all but some are more than others: watermelon, pear, orange, pineapple, zucchini, endive, pepper, cucumber). Finally, when in doubt about the use of these products, do not hesitate to seek medical advice (especially in case of venous insufficiency or after pregnancy).