How to Use Boyfriends Jeans?

The Boyfriend jeans or baggy pants, they are really comfortable and basically were made to make it look loose and for nothing, tight to the body, “as if you had requested provided your boyfriend”. While I may give a masculine air, as its name implies. With them, you can look completely modern and trendy, it is just a matter of learning to take them.

How to use?

  • If you want to look your baggy pants in a spectacular way, we must start with the first thing, and it is to choose the garment that adapts perfectly to your body, not because it is called “boyfriends jeans” should stay huge, that yes I do not!. Although, this this type of garment “look great” as if they belonged to your boyfriend, as a general rule, you should choose those cuts that you favor. At the waist should stay just custom, these are must not fall you, therefore, the ideal is to invest in “boyfriends jeans” of women.
  • When carrying your favorite pants, the ideal is to choose them with cuts to go according to the morphology of your body, but all women can use them to take into account that this type of jeans has several cuts, either from waist downward or average, etc. That’s why, if si eres you’re a plump woman in the central part of your body (abdomen) opts to take them with waist, medium, or high, because otherwise it will further highlight your rolls, if on the contrary you’re thinner, low waist will be your best option
  • This type of pants are usually “big” and “spent”, but this does not mean that they should not stay properly, remember that you must bring those garments that are made to your measurements. The boyfriends jeans ideal for every one of us, will be those that conform perfectly to the waist, very careful if your legs are lost inside the pants, don’t want to look like fabric you eat.
  • The boyfriends long jeans, are perfect because you can play with them as you like, since you can bend them yourself, thus achieving a more fun style and showing your calves, some pants come with hems, but if you buy them long, yourself can give you fold that fit you (depending on the length that you want to achieve)
  • Your Boyfriend jeans can give a fairly casual look, but you can make it more “arregladito” with clothes and accessories, which make it look more sophisticated, everything will depend on the outfit you want to recreate. In other words, there are many ways of combining your with the right accessories and baggy jeans, you look incredible.
  • Combines your jeans with high heels, you can use your boyfriend jeans with high heels, wedges or platforms, flat sandals, flats, etc. You can choose high-heeled shoes, in shades like black, nude, prints, colorful. A simple advice, is that if you want to show your shoes, make a bending to your pants.

With layers:

It takes your boyfriends jeans with superimposed upper garments (in layers), the most important part of dressing making use of layers, is having the correct underwear. Ideal is choose underwear that does not make noticeable lines, from there, get a t-shirt or top set and about this, opt for wearing a jersey, a top, a shirt or any garment that go according to your style to your look in layers.

With sweater:

The baggy pants, van perfect with upper garments as the sweater, advocates a combination like this and be right, if you want to give a twist to the look, takes a part of the sweater and located a part inside the pants and the rest leave it out, adds a dose of style with accessories and keep simple things with the rest of the look to not recharge.


The shirts are a basic, that should not miss on your wardrobe. Since you out of trouble, both for formal occasions, as informal. Therefore, take them with your “boyfriend jeans”, will only be a matter of adding your favorite accessories, to achieve a look casual or everyday and even something more elaborate and more arranged.

With tops:

If you’re a girl who goes for the tendencies of the tops (color solids, graphics, prints, etc) takes into account that this garment can be combined in different ways and I can perfectly go game with your boyfriend jeans. Therefore, the ideal is to choose garments that go according to your style and personality. Don’t forget that there are different styles, you can find those that suit you. But yes, according to which they choose must suit the occasion.

With blazer:

Is key to a well run blazer that it fits perfectly to your figure, and a very important aspect that you need to take into account that the stitching on the shoulders of such pledge must stay exactly where begins the arms, already knowing this you can choose garments that combine with your blazer or jacket as for example your pants he tries to keep the look simple, to not reload the outfit.
Note: Take me the liberty of recreating outfits, with the same trousers or jeans, in this way, boyfriends You can visually see the versatile which are this type of garment.

Do you like this type of pants / the usarias?