How to Make Your School Backpack Lighter

Beginning of year, back-to-school–a time when most children and adolescents need a new Backpack for use during the school year. If you depend on them, the models chosen are those of fashion, with different little noises or pictures with your favorite characters. To purchase a backpack, it is important that parents take into consideration not only the taste of children, but especially the health care. In addition to cost and quality, of course.

How to Make Your School Backpack Lighter

Currently the burden that students bring to school isn’t small: there are several notebooks, books, boxes, snack, as well as toys and other personal belongings. If this weight is not evenly distributed, can cause incorrect posture and, therefore, back problems. Biomechanical studies show that the weight should be evenly distributed between the two shoulders, otherwise it would be the same as using a bag in tow, forcing one of the sides, the column offsets.

When a young man carrying a backpack but the weight or out of time, the natural tendency is to tilt the body forward, causing back problems. Because they are in the development stage, children and teenagers are more adaptable to changes and thus are more susceptible to postural changes arising from the overload of a backpack with excessive weight, improper adjustment or loaded in incorrect position. Adding to that the sedentary (responsible for the lack of muscle strength) and inadequate furnishings for schools, the result in the future will be an increase in the statistics of the orthopedics clinics.

The main problems caused by excess weight or improper use of the backpack are the thoracic hyperkyphosis (popular hunchback, with shoulders designed to front) and the postural scoliosis (column “S” shaped, with height difference between the shoulders), caused when the student leaves the backpack supported on only one side of the shoulder. The abuse in weight can also lead, in time, pain in neck and shoulders, muscle sprains, as well as problems in the knees, hips and feet. It is worth noting that studies show that back pain of child are related to attention, and the consequent difficulty in their learning. Therefore, it is crucial that parents stay attentive to your children’s posture and the adjustment of the backpacks.

The Trails & Directions has a line of backpacks to school use. Its features and details were designed especially for this purpose. It is worth noting the great resistance of the material and stitching used in clothing, sufficient to handle daily comings and goings in the hands of students not always very careful.

Among the models of bridgat, it is worth highlighting the 30 Campuses, which has internal compartment for laptop, with adjustable and EVA protection, keeping the equipment away from the bottom of the backpack and avoiding impacts. Ideal for school and College use, has two openings and screen for wet items. The Crampon 31 is another model recommended. Has divisions for mobile, documents and personal items, plus site for MP3 or walkman, headphone output. Another option is the Crampon 29, which has internal compartment with divisions for pens, keys, documents, mobile … With reflective tape, your viewing night for those who go to school by bike. Their external tape wrapped a sweater accommodate.

Remember: invest in a good backpack can prevent health problems in the future.

Some tips that can help:

  • Give preference to backpacks with two straps, and padded. The distance between the two handles must be less than the total width of the shoulders to decrease stress in the thoracic spine.
  • The bottom of the backpack should not be longer than 10 cm below the navel height (body Center of gravity) to avoid the increased effort in maintaining upright posture. This is a common habit among children.
  • If the child has to change the normal standing posture to load the backpack is a sign that she’s with too much weight or backpack is too low, or worse, both.
  • The weight of the load should not exceed 10% of the weight of the child. Thus, if a child weighs 40 pounds, should not take more than four pounds.
  • Are not recommended with one strap purses, like those of the postmen, or even carry the bag with just one of the handles, like many young people like to do.
  • How to get the materials in my backpack can help. The harder stuff should be near the back of the child, on main opening of the bag, not the external pockets.
  • A good posture is key and it’s just a matter of habit. The head should remain up and walking should not be looking down. You can see the obstacles from the floor without looking directly at them. The shoulders should be back.
  • If there is still need to carry excessive weight, we recommend the use of backpacks with wheels.