How to Style Leather Leggings

Leggings on your skin – bright trend that emphasizes emancipation, independence and courage of women. Today rarely fashion does not fill up your wardrobe this thing because it helps to create a rough image, which sometimes do not have enough of the large number of flying feminine dresses, floral prints and accessories cute girls who can be seen in 80% of the images on the podium.

Women leather leggings – varieties

So, your choice can be stopped in two ways: T leatherette or natural.

As mentioned on EmilyLeggings, fitness leggings today is almost identical to the original product, so this question is in the budget and terms – when they are wearing these leggings. For example, in cold weather wear leather easy, while hot weather it becomes uncomfortable. Croy women are such that they are tight legs and almost a second skin, so it is likely that wear in warmer it will be difficult. Synthetic material “under the skin” is very easy, and poet with it the problem ceases to exist.
Next, what you should pay attention to this style. The classic version – fully leather leggings without inserts, locks and other decoration. They can be worn with jackets, waistcoats, despite the fact that they can be leather, and fabric. To create rock and roll image can be worn leather watches with multiple straps and vest with buttons or leather cords.
Leather black leggings can also be placed on cardigans or jacket – in this case, the image will turn out soft and feminine.
Leggings with leather inserts original, and this is their plus and minus: on the one hand, they seem unusual, but stylistic spectrum because of this narrowing. Leggings with inserts or be combined with classic jacket – they better complement shirt with graphic print. Inserts may be in leggings and lace – a combination of coarse and delicate matter seems interesting.
To women of fashion in the choice of leather pants is a difficult choice: what to wear better – matte or patent leather:

  • Wedges under the skin matte for those who want a way closed classics. Matte-well combined with different things than brilliant, however, and does not look so bright.
  • Leggings come in patent leather bright individuals who choose leggings under certain image. Nail bags combine better with closed jacket and simple summer T-shirts.