How to Style a Turtleneck Sweater


Casual dress is often the solution to the problem we set ourselves, in unfamiliar circumstances, with respect to the adequacy of our dress. The turtleneck is quell’intrigante middle ground, both for man and for the woman, able to meet the minimum requirements of elegance without appearing too formal (ie detached) nor sloppy. Certainly very important that we choose the combination compared to the color of the head and his pairing, but in principle the choice can reveal apt and, above all, as we shall see later, ductile. Then we face head-on the cabinet with the help of this guide that will explain how to match a turtleneck sweater.



Make sure you have on hand:

Turtleneck sweater solid

Beige trousers or jeans

casual shoes but not sneakers, blue or brown

Belt of the same color of the shoes

A vest is not too sporty than a coat or a coat


If we want to make a style turtlenecks, will not be helpful to read over any imagination it will match perfectly to the way of being of those who habitually wears a head so out of character.For a more neutral choice, however, it is important to prefer the plain to the imagination; a leader too elaborate may be grotesque, if not worn with the right dose of nonchalance, while one color is certainly more anonymous but it is also a “cleaner choice.”Compared to the color of the solid, dark colors they are preferable: do not take away much of the sportiness of dress and give at the same time elegance. Better, in any case, avoid the black.


What kind of trouser suits best to the turtleneck soliddark?Undoubtedly, for an adult man, the perfect match is with a beige trousers. However it is fair to consider the possibility that to wear the sweater is a boy: in this case, it is also possible to disengage with a pair of blue jeans, provided they are ordered.We exclude a priori worn jeans, torn or stained: classic natural colored jeans is still more than acceptable for a broken clothes.


We are spoiling the pleasant warmth to the neck turtlenecks (which is not so surely called at random!), But the most severe winters are unforgiving, and we must also ask ourselves the question as to which jacket-coat-coat is more suitable to the style that we are carrying. First, we avoid the more sporty jackets, more befitting a sweater V or a sweatshirt. Similarly we avoid camel coats, or at least extremely elegant: it is true that some leaders always make their figure, but it’s just stay on the issue of how we are proposing. The ideal solution is represented, for the man, by a coat sporty cut, but that arrivals at least half of the thigh; for women the full cape intermediate style that we are representing through her sweater. It is not to disdain (and indeed gives the flexibility to which you already mentioned) to wear a jacket of a suit over the sweater: this will be the dividing line between a smart dress code and a sportsman. This option is applicable both to the pants and the jeans but beware: Never pinstripes over a sweater. Also for the lie, opt for solid colors;the ideal colors are blue and dark gray.


The final touch, good or bad, is always to accessories to give it.A pair of shoessneakers can ruin the entire result, however, they can be equally dangerous of leather dress shoes or paint. At the foot wear shoes comfortable, but not overly informal if the weather permits, a loafer is ideal; otherwise you can opt for a boot. Match your shoes to your belt always gives a touch of class which certainly does not hurt: do it. If you chose the beige trousers, the shoes can be either suede or blue; in the case of jeans, instead, the preference will fall on the first to create, with the linkage to the belt, a breaking point in the blue.



Never forget:

The attention to the colors is crucial

Avoid fantasies greatly simplifies the pairing work and defines a finer style

Worn over a jacket allows you to give more elegance and, where appropriate, removing you will be more sports