How to Start with Golf

Beginner golfers with course conditions will sooner or later makes progress in his game. In addition to more length and accuracy in its kind, can be seen this development to the lower number of shots for a hole. The best way to make progress in this picture is regular maintenance of a scorecard. At first glance a complex event, as an explanation is in order.

The scorecard; not only for the score

Each golf course has its own scorecard. It is thin and thick, dull and colorful, simple and more elaborate. How the menu looks depends on what golf club is important and examples as sponsors to pay for the card. But always has slots for your name, golf handicap, lidcode, signature, date and time that you play and above all your points. If you will just get an idea of your score, you obviously do not need to fill in all the boxes. It must be when a so called qualified short runs to get a disability.

The layout of the scorecard

On a scorecard has a number of vertical columns. They all have their own function. The first column shows the number of holes, in the range of 1 to 18. The second column shows the par of the hole; This is a global indication of the length of the holes; a par 3 holes are shorter than a few four or 5. The following column is used for the index, which shows the difficulty of the holes. This index is the difficult one, index 18, the easiest hole. Then follow the columns with different color Tees that you can play with the exact length of the hole as the color. A number of blank columns up the back. These are for your score-the number of battles where you play a hole-and so-called Stableford points you earned that point. Except for you, the player, there are columns for the other player, the cursor.

Score a hole to fill

If you are only interested in the number of beats to your round, you can fill in the score card number of strokes per hole, and add them to the end. On an 18-hole map after 9 holes? by??, and after 18 holes? i ??. This comes from side jobs, like they do in England, for example, many see along the coast.Links are the countries between the civilized world and the sea, golf courses in these countries go out?? ?? to the sea and is back at you? ??. At?? out?? Write down the sum of the first nine holes, which you later post?? in??, the total of the other nine holes. So you get the total number of strokes over 18 holes.

Nine or eighteen holes

Even the standard eighteen holes, is the proliferation in recent years of rounds played nine holes. You can often for a round of nine holes, half of which is sufficient to complete the scorecard, which includes holes to play. Sometimes golf have separate cards for nine-hole rounds. Think carefully if you have the right card!

Couple, handicap strokes, Stableford points, handicap strokes per hole and index

Each hole has a few. This is a number that tells you something about the length of the hole. A par 3 is a relatively short holes, to be played by all players good in three strokes. Holes with a par 4 or 5 holes are longer, which requires several kinds. Most have jobs, 18 holes is added, a partotaal 72. A player who has 18 holes in 72 strokes to play, known as a scratch player. Beginner golfers need about twice as many times.
Handicap Strokes
For golfers of varying skill levels will still be able to play against each other, the handicap system be developed. This system gives golfers right at their level of play the appropriate number of handicap strokes. These will be deducted from the actual number of strokes played. This creates a net score, which can be compared to net lots of other players. The number of handicap strokes depends on how easy or hard is a golf course, and is determined for each course and the level of knowledge of individual players. They are on disability tables for the relevant course and is available for rounds 9 and 18 holes.
For beginning golfers playing in Stable system is advisable. This is the number of strokes per hole is converted into points. By setting limits on the number of shots and score, the system also means that a round of golf can be played at a reasonable pace. The starting point is the par for each hole at which handicap strokes of the individual player for that hole.
Handicap strokes per hole; index
For the determination of strokes per hole handicap total stroke disability is divided over the holes.When the 9-hole gets a 30 handicap strokes, you get on every hole already three handicap strokes. These are 27 handicap strokes. The three remaining items allocated to the hole with the lowest index, because it is the toughest hole to play his. It is one of the lowest index, with 18 being the highest. For these holes get so 3 + 1 = 4 handicap strokes. What exactly are these holes depends on the golf course, where you play. The indices on the scorecard in this column: index.
Stableford Score
When a hole is set in number of pairs + the assigned number of handicap strokes for that hole, you get two Stableford points. This is the norm, this result complies with the level of play. Use a blow more, points 1 points down to even more success you get no points. With less success going Stableford results per stroke a score up. This allows you to get a hole also pick up three or more Stableford points. A few examples:

  • Couple 4 + 3 = 7 handicap stroke succeed. With a score of 7: two Stableford score
  • Pair 3 + 4 = 7 handicap stroke succeed. With a score of 6 layers: 3 Stableford points
  • Couple 5 + 3 = 8 handicap strokes are successful. With a score of nine kinds: a Stableford score
  • Pair of 3 + 3 = 6 handicap stroke succeed. With a score of 8:0 Stableford points
  • With 18 Stableford points over a round of nine holes meet the player exactly the norm.

Stable in practice

Handicap Strokes are organized by hole
Because it is difficult in the beginning, remember how many handicap strokes you receive a hole, it is appropriate to mention them before you start playing on the scorecard. For example: 13 handicap strokes over nine holes to share the first set in each hole a line in the margin, and then 4 x 1 bar in the hole with the lowest indices. You will then have five holes with a dash and four holes with two dashes.The stripes are quick to count with a par on the hole. Pair of 4 + 2 = 6 rows pass two Stableford points. Tel in mind yet another battle on the last battle? ?? on this hole. Have you, in this case after 7 strokes the ball still in the hole, then pick up the ball and go to the next exit. Now you can no longer get Stableford points and so maintain your pace of play.
Succeed, to continue
If you have too many strokes you need a hole, but sometimes you want to quiet a hole every play, making it with the quiet hours of the golf course. And choose color tee that fits your skill level. If you are just starting to play, this is predominantly orange.

Qualifiers map, marker, qualified job

Qualifiers map
A qualified short is a scorecard for the handicap Committee golf club. With an eligible card available and maintain an EGA handicap. The card must be played at a job that meet the eligibility criteria, and the player must be accompanied during the round with a marker. Many golf courses use a computer where you claim your walk around the card and after that the game result. But then you have to fill out the card completely, sign it and return it to the handicap Committee. For the latter, there is usually some kind of mailboxes at the Club.
A cursor is a player who has an EGA handicap. He or she will accompany you during the round to play and record your score on the scorecard. If you have an EGA handicap, you can change the cards, so to speak;with three or four players in your flight, you can scroll through the cards?? ??. You are then each other marker. Your cursor can have control over their own co-writing score on the card in the appropriate cursor column. Afterwards draw the cursor, just like you, your scorecard. A player that you will be solely responsible for any inaccuracies.
Qualifying job
Each golf course has its own peculiarities, and to determine the severity of the playing track, the track is visible and measurable. Based on these data the handicap strokes are determined. A qualified job, only marginally different from the specified properties. A job in major maintenance, in extremely humid periods, frost, etc., can be very different than the conditions. You can then play any qualifying card there. Whether a road is or is not qualified, are mentioned in the work itself, and generally on the website. Between 1 april and 31 October job usually considered an advantage.