How to Set the Time on a Digital Watch for Children

Give your children a watch, it is a good way to teach them to read the time. If it is analog or digital, the clock exposes the advancement of numbers, giving them a reference point when it comes to learning time appropriately. Before giving your child the clock, you must first set the time. Because each watch is different from the exact instructions may vary depending on the model.


Place the watch in time mode, if the clock is digital, has multiple functions. This is usually done by pressing one of the buttons on the side of the watch.


Press and hold the “Set” button. The exact location of this button varies according to the clock. It is in the upper left corner Baby G Casio watches, for example. The hour or minutes start flashing on the screen.


Touch buttons advancing time, normally found on the right side of the watch. Stop when the correct hour and minute display.


Press the “Set” for the last time, the watch will exit the setting mode and displays the correct time.