How to Set the LED Watch

Do you not hit a wave of smart watches? What, too. Why would the time of expanding mobile screen should tackle watch pididispleje and why you should be on Apple Watch and other chytrohodinky at all interested, you wonder. But for intensive users communicating smart watches are a great extension of communication. I’ll try to write down why this is so.

Theoretical requirements for LED watches and bracelets

When I started with smart LED watches two year ago, I wanted them mainly tracking, because I wanted to have me pulled from sedentary jobs. The first was the Fitbit One and it was quite fun with it. Then came the new Fitbit Charge HR, which offered a variety of news, and I passed him. What attracted me? First of all, it was a bracelet, which could put you on a hand. One previous model had to be worn as a belt or in a pocket, not a bracelet so it was necessary to remember that when you change clothes trousers, you have to throw. Disadvantage. Moreover, the model Charge promised to be a watch. I am also interested in measuring the pulse. And thirdly, the Charge models can notify incoming calls, which for me is crucial: if I have a cell phone in a pocket or on a desk calls, hear (or vibration) and I wasted a lot of missed calls.

But the practice is different …

Annual experience with Fitbit Charge HR preoral many thing. First, it is true that the LED watch is a great thing in terms of wear ability, but precision sensing steps is significantly worse against the pocket placed Fitbit One. I even went back problem which I thought was solved – driving on Czech roads counts your steps. Not much, but it counts and in particular D1 bracelets have a flat-rate issue to know if by chance we do not run.

Secondly, experience with devices equipped with sensors pulse is not good. Do not accuracy, that I did not verified, but the sensor to measure the realistic values, you must strap bracelet quite tight. At Fitbit enough for Apple Watch a few. This means that you watch cut into your hand and Fitbit so already setting the stage for scandal angry allergies. Although silicone strap me skin problems does, but buckle strap otlačuje my skin and I after prolonged wearing of hand lacerations.

Add to that the fact that the people tend to sleep slightly swollen hands, which is tightening strap evident when you watch bite into my hand and began to happen that I was between four and five o’clock in the morning waking up. As it turned out, because of that. I’m not saying that you must face alone, I was surprised because I was quite used to wear at night and relatively heavy mechanical watches with massive strokes of various kinds. But all I wore the watch moves more freely than with smart watches equipped with scanning rate.

So much for the negatives. I mention it because it is atypical of negatives that you usually will not attack. Among other things, eased my embarrassment of Apple Watch. It is true that I myself Charge stopped wearing the night, or at least I started to significantly authorize the clip and use it at night only to measure sleep duration.

The experience I have subsequently been extended by Pebble and Apple Watch (thanks to Michael and Tomi) and to be honest, at the moment the biggest benefit I receive the notification. While Fitbit HR can only notify an incoming call (displayed name), Pebble and Apple Watch can signal actually everything indicates the system is connected smartphone. Both can pass the ball to a certain extent external applications, the Pebble is a very trimmed and it’s mostly about things like an alarm clock or a stopwatch, Apple Watch has been quite comprehensive and useful applications.

But that’s the question: what would you be an application or notification on the watch when the same larger in your pocket for a cell phone. And this was quite strong surprise notifications are very addictive and practical. Thus, especially at the moment when someone writes you still can.

Firstly, it is important to clearly say who would take you on the wrist had dobouchat. At our company, because of the distance of a lot of communicating electronically, so my wrist ends all corporate communications and is more comfortable to look at the wrist before pulling from his pocket a mobile phone. It seems like a small thing, but you quickly get used to it and you will not want to miss.

Apple Watch offers a chance to answer a canned response Pebble does have a microphone, but iOS still does not work. Nice is that on the phone, you can preview messages on Pebble but only in the format in which the notification on the phone. If you need to let messages from Facebook to mobile display notifications on the whole, do not run or at Pebble, whereas Watch is particularly due to configure separate APPC.

Strengths: Notification

Here I feel a strength of smart watches. Display information for which it is convenient to look at your hand, than to pick the cell phone in his pocket. And despite the fact that the screen is small, limited – to the report, a reminder calendar that’s enough. Stupid is that beauty solutions to recognize in practice on předváděčce in the store that one does not notice it looks to applications, what about him so they can be displayed. But the application, it is longer pokoukáníčko, it can already take out the entire cell phone from his pocket, unlocks it and looking at the big apku. What will be the manufacturer of smart watches important, how they manage this experience in selling watches convey. So far it is difficult customers (like me) coming up with ideas that are proving to be flawed. Measuring pulse on the Fitbit is interesting but not yet for him is not no use for tightening the strap around your hand basically not worth it.

I myself am on the fence as to what to choose. Fitbit is much further in the “health-tracking issues,” but the truth is also the beginning. It’s the fairly wide scope. Cílovka Fitbit are active people, so strengthening, jogging, biking, exercise, various games, swimming (no, not waterproof) – and all have an opinion, some of the data to generate a truly something in this field be, it is damn hard, because cycling is not the same as running or swimming. People who have Fitbit, in fact often used to running other applications such Runtastic because the Fitbit itself is very simple and any physical activity takes a little different approach if it is to be beneficial.

Likewise, Apple Watch. Of these, drawn back as he tries to be helpful such that business cassual – informal trading style freelancers, firms with little crushing glass between your teeth into korporátu, but the group of those who communicate, is also much wider and how to test if he could teenagers could swing on a hook? Well, there přismaží náladovek drawing on the screen and watch them on the other propasírování watch – and see whether it grabs. Clever. But so far not catch, and actually nobody really knows why, but it is better to try to be like new Snapchatem than not try at all. Monitoring movement, there is a hint rather than something that was screening steps in item counting Health. There is space for a hundred programmers and analysts make of it something Apple benefited.

In truth about the greatest inclination finally I got Pebble Time. Yes, they have their own problems, like the aluminum or cover glass are not particularly durable, but have their own distinct pluses. Firstly price compared to Apple Watch, secondly stamina, although recharging evening I can not see as a problem, what once was. Similarly, I am taking off the watch from his hand. On the contrary, I like notification and control, the display would, however, could imagine better. What continues to surprise me, though, it is the selection of skins display. Touted advantage, the possibility to install their own watches on display, has a problem in that they find a meaningful look, it is very difficult …

For addicts communication

In sum, the smart watch, I see a great tool for people who are on the Internet and communicating through him become addicted and still manage to persuade as another distraction factor for them beneficial. Of course, I would have done without a watch and could wait until you read the message on the laptop, but I would stress that escapes me something really important, so I just went to look at the computer or mobile phone.