How to Sell Shoes and Purses On Wholesale

Sell shoes or handbags with up to 200% profit, is a reality that can be achieved.

See in this article how to work on their own having as an ally for your business, companies interested in providing their products without intermediaries for resale. Work reselling shoes and bags by catalogue. Continue reading and learn more about these opportunities.

If you are a retailer and have a warranty or present results in sales volume, different manufacturers can work with consignment of shoes and bags for your store.

The Advantages To Sell Shoes And Bags On Consignment Are Many.

1 you do not need investment to start.

2 you will have available for sale, new releases and exclusive pieces every month.

3 you will have deadlines to make payment with the manufacturer and among manyother advantages to resell shoe and purses.

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How To Sell Shoes And Bags-Main Polo Manufacturer In Brazil

For shopkeepers – As famous brand shoes to resell (Nike and other Brand)

How to sell famous brand shoes Schutz

How to sell shoes and bags by catalog or buy wholesale

How to work with the sale of shoes and handbags without intermediaries

It All Depends On You! Take Note Of All Of The Following Indications:

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Vip imports-wholesale Handbags for Sale

The Vip Imports acts as wholesaler in handbags, women’s clothing and accessories since 2004 providing high quality products and in this way has been excelling in the market with your path to success in the field of handbags and accessories.

The company has as main goal to respect and preserve the style of the brazilian woman, always paying attention to new trends of fashion in Brazil and in the world.

For more information about reselling Imports enter the Vip Handbags link below:

03 Reasons For You To Choose The Vip As Your Supplier Imports

The company offers free shipping for purchases at wholesale

Have the flexibility to pay! Put your request on interest-free credit card

Profit Working with resale of handbags and accessories of high quality at affordable prices

How To Sell Shoes And Bags-Main Polo Manufacturer In Brazil

Do you know or have heard of Female Footwear Capital of the world? Yes it exists and is located in the municipality of São Paulo in Jaú. But if you are far from São Paulo do not be discouraged. Countless options for excursions and accommodation are arranged for the site.

We’ve covered about this fantastic business option here, in Jaú footwear post-women’s Footwear Capital of the world. In Jaú are found great options to sell shoes and handbags, wholesale or consignment.

How To Resell Nike Brand Footwear And Among Other Famous

Our research for this article was deep and hard! It took a lot of work to gather information in detail about how, for example, resell Nike brand footwear.

Are many different information in the polls and even when we contact the own manufactures, is not clarified the doubts on the subject. But we got there, read the most complete guide on how to resell Nike brand footwear and among other famous in the post: how to resell Nike – steps to record retailers.

How To Resell Shoes Of Famous Brand Schutz

With a lot of quality and following the fashion trends, the brand of shoes Schutz stands out in the segment. In exclusive post about the company, we approach information about reselling Schutz shoes for retailers and how to set up a franchise brand.

See more details in the post: how to resell Schutz shoes – Retailers and franchise system.

How To Sell Shoes And Bags By Catalogue

The company LF Shoes was established in 2009 based in Porto Alegre, in the segment on reselling shoes and bags by catalogue. It operates on the market with constant search for new technologies, in order to meet with quality customers and sales partners.

Based in Porto Alegre, in Rio Grande do Sul State, the company operates in the quest for the best suppliers, products, technology and tools to provide to its customers the best shopping experience. Reselling cheap shoes and handbags with partnership of the company, the products are delivered always accompanied by electronic invoice with thepayment of all taxes required by law.

The company also works with optimum conditions for wholesale shoes purchases. For more information about how to sell shoes, bags and accessories from this company please visit this link.

How To Buy Shoes And Handbags Wholesale Only

The company manufactures and Gigi serves as Marri from shoes, bags, accessories,among others, with deliveries for all Brazil. Today the company sells its products inyour online store with minimum order of 24 pairs for delivery. For smaller applications, there is the option to buy directly on your physical store located in the capital of São Paulo.

For More Information About How To Sell Shoes And Handbags Gigi Marri.

How to sell shoes, bags and accessories without intermediary directly from manufacturer

The company offers an innovative proposal Jane and promising in the direct sales segment. All without intermediaries, you can resell shoes straight from the factory. See more details in the video:

Main Advantages Of Being A Dealer Jane

Work with current shoe collections and with excellent quality

After the registration you will have the opportunity to buy shoes to resell with up to40% discount

Paying via bank deposit view has more 5% cumulative discount, i.e. has until 45% discount

Indicating new resellers earn bonuses in the form of credits for purchase of new products

It is not necessary to be a shopkeeper with CNPJ to resell the shoes Jane! Make your registration as well as an individual with your SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER

For more information and registration to sell shoes and other products Jane visit this link.

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