How To Remove Bloatware From Your Samsung Galaxy S8

Your Samsung Galaxy S8 has a few applications left over, and that’s how it is. Touchwiz, although it has evolved enough since its first versions, is still a somewhat heavy customization layer, and quite different from the stock experience offered by devices such as Google Nexus or Pixel.

Today, areacodesexplorer will teach you to remove the bloatware from your Samsung Galaxy S8 in just a few minutes, so you do not have any problems with those annoying applications that should not be on your device.

How To Remove Bloatware From Your Samsung Galaxy S8

As we were saying, Touchwiz is currently one of Android’s heaviest personalization layers. This has its advantages, since it has several functions that we can not find in terminals with cleaner software, however, this has a price, which translates into battery consumption, RAM and internal memory.

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Luckily, Samsung makes it a lot easier to disable apps that we’re not going to use, and in fact, the procedure for doing so is rather simpler than on other terminals, as we read in Cnet . Just make a long press on the launcher to the application you want to get rid of, and automatically, you will see the option to disable it. Obviously, you can not disable all the applications you want, some are part of the system and must remain there. However, there are a few that you can get rid of, something that never hurts.

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You can also use the traditional method, which is to go to the settings, find the list of applications and start giving hard to everything you do not like. Either method is equally valid, and will make your Samsung Galaxy S8 much cleaner than when you took it out of the box with all applications preinstalled.