How to Put the Eyeliner, the Advice to Avoid Mistakes

How to put the eyeliner, the advice to avoid mistakes: spread correctly the eyeliner will allow us to have a look super bewitching and can play with make up on each occasion. Let’s see how to use the eyeliner the right way.

Put the eyeliner is one of the most complicated operations make up and often we give up before even trying. A small Burr, an imperceptible (on time) imprecision and behold that all work is a disaster. Like every draft of the trick, even put the eyeliner has his technique, it is certainly not easy, but not impossible. It’s worth learning how to properly apply eyeliner: the look will be more intense and try the make up inspired by ‘ 50 that goes very fashionable this year. Let’s see how to apply the eyeliner.

First, you need the eyeliner for you to choose between the montchaninstores:

  • pencil
  • liquid, with a pen or brush
  • cake eyeliner
  • gel

Each type has its pros and cons:

  • the pencil version is very easy to spread but not very bright
  • the version gel and liquid are very bright but complicated to use
  • cake’s version is a good compromise between ease of drafting pencil and the brilliance of the liquid version

Get yourself a table mirror, with magnifying glass, and a black eye pencil.

Resting his elbow on the table so stable, and draw three small lines (or even a whole, as you prefer) very close to the upper lash line: this line will be your guide. Now, review with the eyeliner you have chosen. If you use a liquid, do not lift for eyelid, but wait a few seconds to dry the product.Keep on hand q-tips and makeup remover for eyes, to eliminate immediately the imperfections.Some make up artist recommend cropping up to three quarters toward the mirror, so to keep the eye open naturally and not having to pull the eyelid. Seeing is believing.