How to Plan an Urban Garden

You have a small garden in the city? Even a small balcony or a terrace? Properly fitted, even a small surface can take the appearance of a nice garden perched on the heights of the city. Here’s to you tips for landscaping his balcony in the city.

Bask in the Sun, lunch in the open air, maintaining its plants or his organic garden, the reasons are many to make you want to pass the course and finally build you this little garden in the city. Green touch requires and consciousness green more and more strong, the urban garden has more on the side of the urban coast. City dwellers are passionate about this little green space that does not require a large space, a terrace or a balcony and hop the City Garden found its framework. Properly fitted, even a small surface can take the appearance of a nice garden which will have nothing to envy to the large garden. So here is to you some tips for his urban garden.

Set the Style For His Urban Garden

A beautiful garden is a harmonious garden, according to anylistintheus. To find out How to build his garden urban, better so already know what mood you want to give it. Green, romantic, exotic, minimalist, zen? All of your decorative choices flow from, the color of the flowers in the style of your garden furniture possible, so it is important to devote time to this decision. The style of the garden will impose the whole tone of this piece of greenery in the heart of the city.

Master Space to Expand Its Urban Garden

Know how to plant his garden starts out control the space in question. The goal is to give the impression that your City Garden is much bigger than it actually is. To do this, there are different tips to put into practice.

First of all, let a large diagonal free on the floor, if possible up to connect two corners of your garden. Do not put plants or large objects of decoration on this axis to the ground, it will give a sense of depth.

Play on volumes: place tall plants to your garden borders, and put in smaller in front of them. Besides being aesthetic, this arrangement makes the boundaries between your garden and the world outside, less noticeable, practical in the city to avoid prying eyes.

Preserve Its Urban Garden of Its External Environment

Your urban garden is probably surrounded by buildings and various other buildings coming to deteriorate sought harmony. It is possible to forget the most grizzled buildings with large plants with foliage persistent and well supplied. If however, you are lucky that one of the surrounding buildings was fun to watch (example: old Bell Tower, very ornate façade of Museum), remember to save a view just overlooking him. You should also know that a beautiful trellis can decorate the wall of the building that defines your garden. The climbing plants and deco screens can be be a nice solution.

However, worries set decorative orders often remain a major problem. Such shadow projected onto your garden by the surrounding buildings. To do this, one solution: take plants blossoming in semi-shady or shady places: begonia, pieris, boxwood…

Finally feel free to improve the place by choosing a flooring of terrace in harmony with the atmosphere, just like flower pots and garden furniture bit bulky to keep a space air where it will be good to relax throughout the summer season.