How to Organize to Mount Hope Chest

I have already spoken of the script to mount hope chest in Orlando and New York. But I didn’t and I would like to impart to you are general tips on how to organize and to take care to make a journey that is a little boring when you’re pregnant. Pregnancy is not a disease, in fact quite the opposite. But it’s worth it to take it easy and do it without haste and without exaggeration. And enjoy the perks of pregnancy not to stand in queues at airports, shops and restaurants.

I spent some “perregues” in NY because I had a strong bleeding down there. This excess of hiking and programs. With 5 months I was great and I felt super willing, forgot that she was pregnant. I think that’s why I was out.

That’s why I want to spend some precious tips of small things that sometimes don’t even remember the euphoria of wanting to buy, buy and buy.

(I knocked up in NY with my inseparable notes notebook!)

–First and foremost; If your health plan here has no international coverage, you will have to do one of those travel insurance covering baggage and health. Make the largest coverage plan for you that you’re pregnant and check the details of the coverage in relation to pregnancy. I made a great plan and just in time I needed that didn’t give a damn about the coverage problems in pregnancy. You can imagine what I went through!

-Use a medium compression tights in flight. Even if you never had any signs of swelling, can happen suddenly in flight with the pressure change and the little space between the seats. Also lift every half hour to move the legs. Half will also be very useful for use during the journey if walking a lot. It’s amazing how helps prevent and improve the swelling.

Try to plan your trip – during the second trimester of pregnancy where the stomach is still not great and you have more available and less risk of swelling and if possible, avoid June, July and August, months very hot both in Florida and in New York, which is quite bad for those who are pregnant.

–Do not carry weight in any way, let the bags to the husband or your date. If you are in NY know that many stores, like Buy Buy Baby , hand in the hotel the same day for a small fee.

-Buy items over the internet as a buggy, car seat, Moses, rocking chair and everything you already know what you need and do not care to check “in loco”, play to deliver or host address. The cart in the color you both dreamed of not necessarily have available in any store. So make sure before the internet because with time you research the best prices and find where to buy the template exactly as you’d like. The ideal is to buy about 7 working days prior to travel.

If you buy the kit crib and room decor at Pottery Barn Kids, the internet is also the best option. The store never has the model or color that you see on the site.

-In any of these huge stores as Babies R Us and Buy Buy Baby, go with the list well organized because even with everything right, you will get lost in the midst of so many markings and news. If possible go with the brands of bottle, pacifiers and utensils. Facilitates good and you don’t waste so much time.

-Clothes, make the list organized by sizes with the right quantities that you will need to buy. Start by following the list and don’t go shopping like mad all I see on the front. Once everything is bought, then do some extravagances with one or another item that you enjoyed. (next week I’ll explain here on the blog what is and what is not worth buying, keep an eye out!)

–In my opinion, not worth getting out of Manhattan to go to New Jersey to spend the day in huge outlets because of one or another brand of baby. I can assure you that I got better prices on clothes of the Carters in Macys than Outlets in Orlando. By the way, nothing like the floor at Macys for you pay off much of that need clothes. Has all the brands with great price and the brand I love most and I have already spoken here, First Impressions !

-Enjoy the box or the seat you will hurry to put several other items that don’t break or spoil next, leave a lot of space inside. I’ve done miracles and managed to put the car seat in a big bag. Don’t ask me how! Remembering that are 2 items per person in economy class, so worth the same as box 1 a suitcase full. And to works the same, the box may have a maximum allowable weight for 1 bag. Keep the original box. Unbranded boxes run more risk of stopping at customs.

And those who want the tips to shopping and purchases more detailed, has all the information on the top bar in Trousseau in NY and Trousseau in Orlando.