How to Make Shaded Nail Art


In the famous movie “when the wife is on vacation,” Marylin Monroe exclaimed, “what a shame when he got the plumber… I there all naked in the tub… And I had the polish on the nails.” Probably this is not a problem they encounter all women, but certainly the hands are the part of the body that we use to introduce ourselves, and as they constitute our “identity card”, we must take care of them the best. To make them more original and personalized, let us see how to make a nail art in shaded lines on our nails.

Shaded Nail Art


Make sure you have on hand:

  • 2 colored enamels
  • sponge nail art
  • clear nail polish
  • cuticle remove
  • scrub gel for cuticles
  • hand cream
  • nail file

First you filed your nails, giving her a rectangular or round shape according to taste. All nails must have the same shape and size, in order to harmonize the hand. With a levacuticole, eliminate the excess skin at the nail edges. Then roll out a layer of clear nail polish to make the uniform nail, and prevent the emergence of that effect to “step.”

Of course you can use all the colors you want, even more than two, taking care to recreate the nuances between one color and another. Also this nail art is also more carry with strips vertically or diagonally, although it is a bit more difficult because the size of the sponge makes you dirty around the nail contour. I recommend, to avoid this, to use the PVA glue, creating a coating around the entire nail. After finishing the manicure, pulled off the stained PVA film for your trouble! And so your hands will always be perfect, unique and enchanting! Also you can further enrich your decor with stickers or glitter.

Now we can move on to nail art real. Get a colored enamel, very distinct from each other, possibly one light and one darker. In this guide we will use as an example orange and coral. Roll out the orange nail polish and let dry. In the meantime, created a mixture between orange and coral, to obtain an intermediate color between the two. Soak the sponge with the new nail polish created and colored half plus distal nail, or most distant from the point of origin. The sponge with clean solvent and moisten with enamel colored coral, then pass it on the nail terminal.

At this point, let it dry for a few minutes and then roll out a coat of clear nail polish, which will give the nail polish. Use a gel scrub remove cuticles to soften the so-called remaining cuticles, and to promote a slow regrowth of the latter.


Never forget:

If you do not have to be the sponge nail art, you can use a common latex sponge. It will go very well that used to apply makeup.