How to Make Christmas Decorations with Recycled

To meet your creative impulses and of your child that loves to do Christmas chores often spend a lot. All that is material for hobby has its price, those who love craft knows well. But he also knows that with a little imagination you can create decorations and Christmas gifts at little cost by recycling what we have at home.

For an ecological and creative Christmas, here are a few ideas which inspire us to decorate the House and organza bag homemade.

Decorations with Tin lids: snowflakes

We have already seen in the Christmas special how to decorate the lids of cans with decoupage. Here’s an even easier idea: drill with hammer and nails and draw of snowflakes. Here at Fredericashops you can get more different models and styles. If the can is light, even children can do so under the supervision of mom and dad. From our site.

Paper Decorations: Christmas trees and stars

With the card you can get lots of decorations. For example, these Christmas trees made from the pages of an old book or magazine. Follow the video of Martha Stewart and you can get them too.

You might then sprinkle glitter or fake snow, like this from the site Our site.

Even with the card, a series of beautiful stars to hang on the tree. The tutorial of Smile scraps and craft will allow you to create them without problems!

Decorations with glass vases: lanterns

Even glass jars can find different uses, use them not only for homemade jams and jellies, but also appropriately decorated and painted, as containers or even as lanterns. This idea is really very chic. From the site Our site.

I invite you, if you haven’t already done so, to go to see the Special on Christmas and the post about pine cones. Other ideas and other odd jobs, good day!