How to Make Candles with Wax Crayons

In autumn and winter is particularly pleasant to wrap in a warm blanket to extinguish the light and leave burning candles just enjoying the hot tea, looking out the window snowflakes that fall.
Today we decided to show you how to make some very beautiful and colorful scented candles that will bring warm and cozy atmosphere in your home.

What you’ll need:

Small glasses (clear or frosted glass),
Cardboard (paper) disposable cups (in which to melt the wax)
Wax crayons
Wooden sticks for stirring (ice cream)

How is it done:

Fill a cardboard cup with wax and put it in the microwave for 1 minute. Then put a little hot wax on the bottom of several glasses and attach them wicks. Wait until hardened wax. Prepare wax crayons by removing the labels of your selected colors and cut them into small pieces. Fill several paper cups with wax on them put the pieces of crayons (of a different color in each cup) and place in microwave for 2 minutes, then mix them until a smooth mixture. Take glasses, tilt them at an angle, for example 30°, attach them to a rack and pour them into colored wax (about 1/3). Leave for 20-30 minutes, until the wax solidifies. Then tilt the glasses on the other side and pour the second layer (in a different color than the first), then again wait until hardened. Finally, pour the final layer, put the glasses upright on the table. Before you light the candle, wait about an hour until they are fully prepared.