How to Make a Pajama Pants


If the pants of a Pajama is too wide or too narrow, or you simply want to create one that suit your needs, with this guide you will realize a comfortable trousers very easily with a minimum knowledge of the topic. Then continue to read the next steps to learn how.

You Need

Be sure to have on hand:

  • sewing machine
  • needle and thread
  • pins
  • scissors
  • measuring tape
  • elastic for clothing
  • pants pattern
  • soft cotton fabric or brushed

Using the pants pattern, cut two pieces of tissue shaped legs for Pajamas. Then sewn with a zigzag stitch (top to bottom) both pieces. At this point, right sides facing, fold each leg in half. Once you have done this, go to start with the pins and then to sew the inside; for greater accuracy or speed you should use sewing machine. Stretched then the sewing done. At work, right sides facing, insert a leg into the other, lining up the inside seams. Now stuck and sewn around the crotch of the pants so as to join the legs.

Now with Pajama pants inside out, bend outward about a centimeter across the top edge. Fold this edge even a centimeter and a half, fix it with the pins and cucitelo, remembering to leave a small opening to insert elastic. clearly, the small opening and elastic must coincide or be about equal. Now, after this step you will have to continue cutting on the bias two pieces of fabric for the border, long enough to go around the bottom of the legs and four centimetres tall. Now switch to fold them double in height and United, sewing them, short sides. Now press the seam and slide the bottom leg implications backhand.

Now pin stops and sewn together, lining up the seams, then stretch ’em out. The work is almost finished, in fact you’ll have to switch to turn the pants right. At this point, bent on the contrary a centimeter around the edge of the strips. Pin the folded edge on the right stuck, as close as possible to the crease. To complete the work, put the elastic in the waist edge, secure and close to car opening, then stretched around the performed work. The stretch pants is complete, and if done properly tailored, will be really comfortable. In case your knowledge on the subject were restocking, you can always see this guide on to your acquaintance skilled with sewing and the sewing machine.

Never Forget:

  • To complete the work, put the elastic in waist, fix it and close to car opening, then stretched around the performed work.

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