How to Get Dressed to Look Thinner

To look good is very important that we take advantage of our best attributes and disguise these weaknesses, if you have a few extra pounds clothing can disguise them or highlight them.

Then I’m going to mention some of the main secrets so that you know how to dress to look slimmer and don’t buy the first thing seen in the store, not knowing if the garment you sit well.

Best suited for us see more thin color is black, but this effect can also do you to a lesser extent with other colors dark as chocolate brown, Navy Blue, grey, etc. why dark colors do you see more thin? Because the darkness conceals and the clear highlights, this theory is basic and you always have to remember it.

Garments that are single color do seem thinner, because they unify the silhouette, for example trousers or skirt and a blouse that are the same color create an effect more stylized than if it were of two different tones.

When combining colors, it is essential to take into account are the areas of your body where those pounds are more differentiated. If those pounds are located from the waist down or up, I advise you to use the dark garment in the conflict area and the garment of colour in the rest.

Believe it or not, the clothes that are smooth slim your silhouette, but if you have a few pounds more side stop such smooth articles containing posters against the bust, horizontal stripes, flowers, arabesques or shrill colours mixes.

Absolutely everything you represent volume you have to remove it from your closet, as for example pleats, wide skirts, smocking, flown, big collars or puff sleeves. What you can do is opt for skirts and pants straight, because they are models that make you look slimmer and high.

To look slimmer also it is very important to choose the proper accessories, these have to be discrete and forget about all that recharge your figure. Don’t make the mistake of using large rings, belts, bracelets, an infinite number of rings and pendants, because this type of accessories will shorten and will visually widen your silhouette.

It is also essential that if you want to look thinner it takes into account the length of the skirts. Therefore, it is recommended to get the length of skirts to the knee or just below. To make your legs look long and thin try to use long pants, capri type pants instead shorten your legs and make your body look wider.

Say no to horizontal stripes, but if you’re naturally tall and thin you can use them in moderation. Horizontal stripes widen and shorten your figure, instead the vertical stripes make you look higher. If you opt for the vertical stripes have to be fine and discrete colors.

They are also favorable for highest wear blouses and shirts with v neckline If you have short legs in relation to the trunk, I suggest that you use pants or skirts high-waisted and jackets that are at the waist, that way give uniformity to your figure and look higher.