How to Fish Cuttlefish

The squid belong to the family of cephalopods, whose natural habitat is rocky mixed with sand or mud. The months from September to December are the ideal time to catch cuttlefish. Following are listed a number of basic notions in order to know how to start this business in the best way.

Be sure to have on hand:

Spinning rod or bottom fishing.


Artificial bait.

One of the precautions that should be considered is to choose the days of calm sea and prefer clear waters or just fishy. This is because the squid they hunt “at sight” and so it is important that the water is clear enough to promote good vision, and thus allow them to see our bait.

The fishing can be done from the ground, then from the shore, or directly from the boat. In both cases, after thoroughly identified fishing area, you must navigate and observe the seabed so you can track the optimal perimeter within which you can fish.

Often you must explore a wide area of the sea so you can detect the presence of squid, and then, if you’re conducting a fishing from the shore, it is essential to move around in the water in order to probe more points and have a wider range. By boat, instead, the movement is accomplished by making it move slowly, avoiding sudden movements that might scare away the cuttlefish.
But what are essential equipment in fishing for cuttlefish? First you must have a fishing rod: the most common are those spinning or boat rod. The barrel spinning is ideally suited for a fishing from the shore, the barrel bottom type is suitable for fishing a few kilometres from the shore.

The bait should be artificial, in the shape of big prawns and bright colors such as orange, red or green in order to stand out and attract the attention of the animal. You should choose a lure that has the belly a plummet of about 3 grams in order to facilitate the descent to the bottom.

This fishery is very simple and requires no special skills. Once launched the bait as far as possible, slowly begins to move the lure on the sand with little shots: you’ll need to grab the attention of cuttlefish. When you’ll hear an abnormal increase of the fishing rod will mean, in all probability, that the cuttlefish has settled on the bait. This is the moment when you need to make a small and decisive tug which aims to penetrate in sepia spike hooks. With slow movements, keeping it attached to the bait, bring the cuttlefish until bucket and here, with a tug forceful, drop inside.

Never forget: Explore by boat in riva, a large portion of space in order to have a broader spectrum of activity.