How to Dress for Plus Size

Whether a little belly, wider hips, or much bosom-we reveal how you gone cheat small problem zones!

Color talent

Moderator Barbara Schöneberger (40) shows like what she has. Dress her character-related stresses and concealed in the right places: the changing look reduced the bosom, the belt highlights her narrow waist. The long jacket expertly can conceal the big waist and fat butts, and the high heels will stretch the legs, according to

Conceal problem areas : These five parts conjure up a dream figure


By pencil skirt

He takes on with wide hips and curvy figures is ideal in scene. Help make sure high shoes, otherwise it looks too compressed. Access to dark colours or models with vertical zipper.

Jeans with stretch

She concealed tummy, legs and buttocks. Dark washes and straight cuts are ahead.
Pants with high waistband transfer a tummy. The more elastane, the greater the slimming effect.

Long Blazer

His long, narrow lapel optically reduced a large bosom. The a button closure brings the waist in shape, its flared cut down Hüftpölsterchen and the Po.When the hide problem areas set to muted colours and thin fabrics.

Wrap dress

The dress loves curves. The winding details conceal cover the arms bust and waist, 3/4-length sleeves. His flowing material and the wild patterns detract from small pads.

Pattern blouse

The scale of the print, the greater the effect. The cut should be above narrow and continued down. Breasts, belly, and arms are so perfectly dubbed. Flatter very light fabrics