How to Dress a Girl for a Formal Event

If for us is a little complicated choosing a formal dress, the above-mentioned small princesses will be to a more, since it must be a warm, stylish, and comfortable clothes. Below you can learn how to dress a child for a formal event.

If you have children and you are invited to a party, you will have a double work since you have to choose your clothes and your girls, and smaller ones are your girls, more difficult it will be give a set or a garment with which to feel comfortable and can play. Considering the season of the year is that we are you can choose different types of clothes that go with the occasion.

Choose dresses

The best choice are the dresses, whether formal or family party, there are many occasion. As for example; Princess style dresses, even if don’t believe you this type of dresses help stylize the figure of the girl with a skirt of campaign or long flight. The colors change depending on the season of the year, in winter choose purple or dark green, dresses in summer Orange and yellow dresses.

Opt for skirts

Skirts are very nice to the girls and come in various designs, but it is advisable that its size is 5 cm from the knee; of course, you can choose the length you want, but shorter is not advised for comfort.

Buy stockings

If we are in cold weather you must put your child averages that are thick. Colors depend absolutely the party and climate. Eye, the fabric has to be chosen carefully so that the child does not suffer from heat or cold. See more on

Search for velvet and wool pants

To dress our little princesses formally recommended the use of velvet and wool pants, especially in the winter season. Linen and light-colored pants are perfect for those events taking place in warm places.

Select shoes

Shoes should be chosen taking into account the garment, the place and the weather. Years ago she looked bad combine the boots with dresses and skirts, but today it is fashionable to use rain with a beautiful skirt or dress boots.

Using proper fittings

You don’t have to exaggerate much with accessories, less is more. Earrings and hair accessories are enough to give our small elegant touch without charging them excessive.

Tips for choosing a girl summer dress

  • Choose large, items that are of one size more and neutral colors. It is very important that you buy a fabric that is quality, since it is the best solution to not irritate the sensitive skin of your child.
  • Buy trendy items to make your little girl look leg; but you can also opt for something more comfortable as a boby to be at home. The boby is a garment that gives your child the freedom to move easily and not feel pain. To leave home you can let the boby and putting on a garment that covers it a little more.
  • One piece, Dickies suspenders of costumes and the mameluquitos are the most comfortable clothes for your little daughter.