How to Do Cut Crease Makeup

Many have been the emails asking about a term that is being used a lot in the world beauty, this Cut Crease! After all, what is it? What does it mean? And there are many doubts that I humbly, I will try to clarify here for how to remove makeup.

First, go to the translation, this expression comes from the English and means: Cut-cut and Crease-crease. What in terms of makeup means enhance the crease, that doubles the eyes, the concave, which unlike most makeup, in which are most commonly used the blur effect, the technique Cut Crease intends to leave the super concave marked.

Then, Cut Crease in a nutshell is concave marked.

Now I understand? As it is, and it’s been a couple of years that this makeup is gaining a particular highlight for the catwalks around the world and, since then, has been used extensively in editorials and by makeup artists, bloggers and make-lovers. Plus, you can mark the concave and use the eyelid and the edges of the makeup hazy if you prefer.

OK, but nothing to be confused, since we often use the term “mark” concave, but not always are we talking about Cut Crease, because a make you can ask for greater definition in the concave, without, however, leave a “trace” very apparent, in this case, we’re not using the technique. The Cut Crease, even if you blow the top edges, has the Division at the end of the mobile eyelid marked as if it were really a trace set.

How to Make Makeup Cut Crease

  • You must first locate the concave of her eye and mark it with a brush I need – small with a thinnest, can be the bevel-or a pencil for eyes,
  • Outline the concave to the color you want, is more indicated that is a stronger color,
  • Then, apply a lighter shade on mobile eyelid and work the concave, faded a little marcaç the edges (without removing it) or leaving the division well marked, according to your taste.

Cut Crease, looks great on any type of eye, but with chubby oriental eyes and eyelids, he helps to highlight these formats, since you do not have the apparent concave.

Well, that’s it, I hope I have helped to take your questions, if any left to be clarified, just leave in the comments, ok?

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Take more pictures for inspiration and a super cool tutorial made with an oriental, to show that this technique can be done with any kind of eye.