How to Design a Courtyard Garden

The Court is often a place of passage that we cross before accessing the House or a place outside that overlooks the living room. It must therefore be well appointed. Make it more warm and welcoming with our easy decorating ideas…

1 / Verdurer His Court

If the Court is great, bet on the accumulation of pots and planters for a lush vegetation. Your yard will be so full of life, a phenomenon enhanced by the presence of a few shrubs and small trees. Generally, we opt for this option when you have a large space and when the floor of the courtyard is not sufficient aesthetic. In this case, all plantations make forget the concrete aspect of the ground and create a warm and inviting courtyard. Of course, for the Court to be colored in all circumstances, will be select plants and trees adapted to all seasons in the idea of getting a small flower garden throughout the year .

2 / Make a Piece of His Court and More

Turn his courtroom into extra room to the arrival of the beautiful days, it is the solution to optimize its space and enjoy the outdoors with ease. Depending on the size of the yard, the place may organize as a kitchen garden, a garden dining room or a living room of garden. The idea is to transform the Court in summer piece which detects home and which would set up a corner ephemeral and changing according to the seasons and occasions.

3 / Color His Court

Give color to the walls of the courtyard, is the good easy trick to realize that changes an atmosphere. Choose bright colors that will brighten the space by their mere presence: a Majorelle blue, colors aqua, intense red, vitamin orange, a peppy pink,… In short the invigorating tones which make the difference and that transport us to an atmosphere conducive to the escape. To avoid overloading, bet on two similar shades which punctuate the walls with subtlety. The colors will also have a role to play in the brightness of a court, often shaded.

4 / Accumulate the Flowerpots

A very green way court small jungle it’s a good idea for a large yard, but when it is smaller it favors large pots of flowers that will keep the orderly nature. What not to invade the area, save space and flow easily. To accentuate the “green” effect, it will also build on vines to prune from time to time such as Wisteria and honeysuckle. This trick will make the Court more welcoming with plants in the upper part and lower part. Of if the floor of the courtyard is aesthetic, or even decorative (a paved courtyard, a courtyard covered with tile cement, a courtyard with gravel), you put forward by framing with the pots to enhance it a bit more. Colours, this depends on the style you want to give to the Court: tonic colors for an invigorating Court, neutral colors for the chic and elegance.

5 / Do His Court a Mini Garden

If you have a space in the yard, make your yard a small garden will come to life using a controlled vegetation and garden furniture placed such that they make office space of relaxing on a daily basis. To further illuminate the Court, which often lack strong lighting, prefer clear tones like white, ecru, pale yellow. They will bring a new source of light while sublimating a little more greenery. If you like strong colors, choose them for outdoor furniture and accessories of decoration (outdoor carpets, cushions, lanterns).