How to Combine T-shirts and Jeans

If you combine well the t-shirts and jeans, you can improve your wardrobe and create a host of fun and flattering attire. All you have to do is pay attention to color, fabric and style of t-shirts and jeans, and find a style that goes well with you. Once you find it, you have to choose the perfect accessories, a belt and shoes that combine well with the style. Read the rest of the article so you get detailed directions.

It accentuates your most favorable characteristics

Choose colors and styles to highlight your eyes, hair, skin and figure. Take your time to experience.

Choose dark colors

These slim. For shirts usa black, Brown, Navy Blue, Maroon, olive green or bluish green. For the jeans usa black, Brown or Navy Blue. Be monochromatic, how to use Brown jeans with a Brown t-shirt, more slim. Also use black jeans with a Navy blue shirt, is fairly monochromatic.

Choose the right fabric

Thick fabric will allow to keep the shape of the shirt for a longer time. Hang your shirt around the waist on a clothesline to keep an uneven hem.

Choose t-shirts v-neck

These slim. Collar with v-neck or round will make you look wider.

Choose the correct sleeve

A good choice can be a sleeveless or short sleeve or long. A shirt with sleeves three quarters will make see your wider figure.

Choose the correct length

If you use the shirt out of the jeans, the hem should be 8 cm (3 inch) below your waist. If it is shorter, it will make you see wider. If it is longer, it will cover most of your jeans.

The clothing should slide

Fabrics that stick will emphasize the shortcomings of your body. Buy a size larger for proper width and length.

Learn how to sew

If you bought a very large size, learn how to adjust the side seams and sew a hem by hand to achieve a nice finish. It is quite simple and you’ll do to make you well. Make a hem more than once may be the only modification needed. Most t-shirts are made to cover a long torso; they are created with the thought that one size fits all over the world.

Choose a style for your jeans

The jeans should stay loose when you’re feeling, if they are going to be loose when you walk. As mentioned above, a larger size may be more appropriate. With straight cut jeans will do see your wider hips. If you have a small waist, you can use them below the waist or put the shirt into the jeans.

Choose the right fabric

For jeans, choose fabrics that stretch. These will flow with you and are generally less bulky. FLATLOCK stitching and pockets slim. You can also then add an embellishment.

Choose the right shoes.

Some thin tacos slim and yet are comfortable. Choose black, Brown or Navy blue colour to match your outfit. For convenience, look for a pair of shoes that go well with the natural shape of your foot.

Add accessories

The rings, dangling earrings and necklaces, medium to long, slim. Use only an accessory at the same time. If you use many, you will be wider.

It uses a belt

If you want to use a belt on your t-shirt, constructmaterials advises you buy it a size larger than normal. Use a thin belt loose on your waist. Test with a cloth belt that is one of the colors of your shirt, to highlight less a waistline. If you have a long torso, you can use a wide belt. If you are overweight, don’t use a belt.