How to Combine Accessories with Patterned Dresses

The patterned dress is present in fashion and in the lives of women for a long time, but this popular piece is still cause for doubts to create different looks with accessories.

If you have questions on how to combine accessories with patterned dresses you are not alone, since many women don’t know what accessories to use with this type of play.

The dresses with prints for any time of year, never go out of fashion and leave the style of much more modern and stylish woman.

One of the reasons that causes many doubts in creating looks with patterned dresses is the wide variety of prints that we have available today thanks to the current fashion that is very diverse.

Check out some tips on combinations of accessories with patterned dresses.

Floral Print

The floral dresses are the easiest to make combinations, because they are versatile and comfortable. At times during the day you can use a template with floral print with a flip flops or sneaker to make the look more comfortable and simple.

To a most special occasion, the tip is to bet on a more sophisticated shoe as a peep toe or heel sandals.In the fall, abuse of jackets jeans and jackets to leave the visual with the station.

Print Animal Print

Already the dresses with prints animal print deserve special attention in time to make combinations, since this is a more striking pattern.

Not to miss in this kind of look, the trick is to bet on more accessories discreet not to run the risk of getting visual very loaded by To combine with long dresses, bet on sandals that you can’t miss.

Ethnic Print

The ethnic print is doing very successfully. And in time of creating a look with dress with ethnic print doesn’t have much secret.

The trick is to always bet on common sense. Since this is a most striking and colorful print, prefer more neutral and discreet accessories, and having one color present in the dress. In this case, the shoe should also be chosen carefully so as not to let the look very colorful, ethnic style print has various colors.

In addition to these prints, here are more photos of combinations of accessories with patterned dresses for you to inspire in time of creating their looks.