How to Clean a Gold Body Chain?

Gold has always been a very valuable metal, especially for its beauty. Today, many people buy gold pieces as a form of investment and beauty. However, many still do not know how to clean a gold chain, for example. Learn how to clean yours now!

Ways To Clean A Gold Chain


It will only be necessary to use pure alcohol without water. You should place the part inside a container and pour the liquid until it covers the chain in full. Soak for at least 1 hour and then wash in running water.


You can use the detergent you have at home to clean your gold chain. In a bowl, pour 200 ml of warm water and 5 drops of neutral detergent and soak a clean, soft cloth with this mixture (you can also use a toothbrush that is very soft).Thoroughly wring the cloth and wipe the piece for a certain time until it is completely clean. Then simply pour in running water and dry.


You should only clean the gold chain with ammonia when the part is very dirty.This substance is slightly caustic and can corrode the part if it is frequently cleaned by this solution. In a container, put 6 parts of water to 1 part of ammonia, so that it is very diluted.

The amount should be enough to let the current totally submerged in the water.Do not leave the sauce for more than 1 minute. After that, remove the part with the help of a sieve or turn the container in some type of drainer. Rinse well under running water and leave it on a soft, dry cloth to dry freely.

Avoid Deterioration Of Your Gold Chain

Although there are numerous agents that impair the quality of your jewelry, it is possible to abolish some habits that are bad for the pieces. For example: just put your gold chain after you have passed the products on the body like perfume and deodorant. The ideal is to wait about 15 minutes. Never place the product after use.

Try to use the moisturizing cream or sunscreen on the neck area well before using the gold chain. This will allow time for the skin to absorb much of the product before it comes into contact with the piece. The time is the same as quoted above for the perfume.

When storing your chain, leave it in a place reserved for it. Also be aware that the place does not have moisture. Never bathe with your current. The ideal is to remove the part and only put it back when you are dry.

Ready! Now that you already know how to clean a gold chain, you may feel freer to buy them and also keep your beautiful pieces always fresh air no matter how long you spend.

Do you know other ways to clean gold pieces? Give tips to us by commenting on the post about their tricks!