How to Clean a Carpet?

The carpet can be an enemy to allergy sufferers, so it’s always good to keep it clean and dust-free. For this we have some tips that will help you maintain your carpet free of mites.

For allergy specialists ideally, the carpets are vacuumed every day, it is recommend to use a vacuum cleaner with water filter. In addition to cleaning the carpets every day, you need to wash them with soap and water once a week.

There is carpet cleaning machines. Deeper stains and toughest odors can be removed with a device that uses hot water and a cleaning chemical product to wash the fibers of your carpet.

These carpet cleaning machines can be rented in specialist shops or in rental cleaning equipment.

In most places that rent the machines, they include the solution of stain removal treatment. It is important to know what type of carpet you have before you rent a machine, so make sure to use the appropriate cleaning solution. Or also you can hire a professional to come to your House and do this type of service.

Be convinced that the carpet is completely free of any dust and loose dirt before starting treatment of deep cleaning.

A tip is to make a pre-treatment on the stained areas. Most machines come equipped with a cleaning solution to be used before the deep cleaning. If the machine that you rented not come with this solution, make a homemade recipe spray the stained areas with vinegar.

Put water and a cleaning solution, to start cleaning, follow the instructions that came with the device for adding the appropriate quantities of warm water and cleaning agent.

So you can start cleaning, switch the appliance on and start work. Pass the machine on the carpet, making sure to pass in the entire carpet. You can pass two times for the same area to be sure not to skip any points. Leave your carpet dry. After a few hours, he gets new and free of dust. Let’s leave a video with tips for you to clean your carpet too.