How to Choose the Second Garment Bag

The clothes decides the purse or from purse to decide? Any option is valid, although much better would we choose the clothes of the day and go in search of the perfect bag, that combines adapting to our style and function.

In the following lines, we will give some tips so that the choice of stock exchange is always successful.

The market offers thousands of different styles of handbags, wallets, bags, envelopes, handbags etc bandoleers. And, of course, they are all available in the color and texture you can imagine.

Fads and changing station also will dictate what should be or not in the closet. Among so much choice available, the world of handbags is infinite, but there are ways to get close and match perfectly what I’m sure will get better.

Styles and Options

Sportswear: for women who go to the gym or perform physical activity and sport always requires a space to store towels, toiletries and other personal effects, such as phone or wallet. It is not necessary to take two bags, but find a way to put in a same.

In this sense, the sports brands offer maxi bags very fashionable, leather or canvas with several pockets to hold everything you need.

To choose from, it is best to think of a single model for use throughout the year, regardless of the season, with long strips, wide and comfortable, also reinforced by the fact that put a lot of things, such as a change of clothes and shoes.

Office: clothes for work, it is best to opt for medium-sized handbags or folders (ideal for notebook), where you can download everything you need without overwhelming the space (we know that when women have more space, more things take).

In addition, as this is something you use daily and suffers a lot of wear, it is advisable to choose quality materials in production, as leather. About the design, care must be taken in the sense of being something very classic and give versatility to work, a meeting, a business lunch or after Office. Colors like black, Brown and Red (for the more adventurous) are ideal for work and combine perfectly with suits or dresses.

Jeans, sneakers or other informal suit: when you’re not dressed for a special occasion or for work, women always opt for the comfort of lightweight fabrics, and shoes without heels. The perfect accompaniment, so will be the bandoleers, they use and are very comfortable, because they allow the freedom of movement of the arms and hands. Usually they are small and only allow you to carry only the most basic, so it never becomes heavy.

They come in a multitude of designs, so it is recommended to have multiple and so keep changing to match textures and colors.

Evening dress: when it’s time to get a little more for a night out, begin to come into play the earrings, the black, the drawings, but care and the finest fabrics.

On these occasions, then you should opt for mini bags with handles to hang or carry in your hands. There fit everything you need as a phone, wallet and some cosmetic to retouch.

It is important to never fill with things, and keep them spotless to last longer, because, among other things, they are often expensive objects. They don’t have to be black, it is important to have some colors and some with sparkles of different standards used for times of the year.

Total elegance: the more glamorous when it comes to a dress or an elegant appearance are the envelopes, perfect to accompany all styles and bring some things that women always need.

Some styles include a current that is placed or removed and has the advantage that you can hang up and not have to take all the time in hand. Fits also with dresses, skirts or pants, the important thing is the design, because it is a piece that, despite being small, it’s impressive.

With children or on the beach: when you have to carry a lot of things, nothing better than having a big canvas bag too big, that is light, which has magazines and you let take all things of children or, for example, the towels if you go to the beach. In this case, choose fun colors, prints and genres that don’t get very dirty.

A bag suitable for every occasion will make the clothes you’re wearing is highlighted and complete, in some cases, including work as an accessory to make relaxed, modern or fun clothes we wear.

The most important thing is to identify what fits well and is functional at the moment. So it is good to invest in a high quality bag and that has a lot of style, last longer and remain in best condition always.