How to Choose the Right Backpack

If a few days ago we were talking about what must-have never in your backpack, today I have decided to speak in a new article on some of the things that we must take into account for Choose the Pack that best suits our needs.

Before moving on to discuss some basic features that we will find in the different types of backpacks, we must bear in mind the type of photography that we practice. Since it is not the same go hiking to the city, nor do hiking or excursions on the river.

Backpack for Hiking

As well, once we are clear above, here are some important features that you must take into account to choose the backpacks that best suits your needs:

  • The most important thing will be the size. Each of us will give greater importance to a type or other accessories and equipment in general, with what according to this must choose between carrying a small backpack of shoulder, a waist pack or a backpack for back.
  • The type of camera and objectives. It is not the same transport a small zoom lens and a focal fixed of 50 mm, which a focal of 500 mm. As is not the same carry a Canon 1Ds Mark III that a Sony Alpha 200. So we will have to look well the dimensions of the main pockets, where will these components. In addition, we must bear in mind the number of targets, as well as the number of bodies of cameras that we tend to carry. In this regard you must be careful, and do not try to carry all of your equipment when it is not really necessary, since often charge much more than truly are going to use.
  • Provision of internal storage. No nonsense is well watch this feature, since there are some backpacks in which their internal bays are so messed up that our entire team look like a tailor drawer. Placement is very important and that insulated compartments perfectly each accessory, either a cable, the body of the camera or an objective.
  • Provision of external storage for attachments. We must keep in mind if we change or use different kinds of accessories frequently, with what will be essential to look at a backpack that has of “ small ” pockets throughout the areas more accessible, so that at any time we can make use of them, without wasting excessive time.
  • Weight. Oddly enough, there are backpacks that empty can weigh over 4 Kg, depending on the type of manufacturing and reinforcement materials, which would be very convenient to have it found. Because if we have a very heavy equipment and make long routes to foot, it is possible that we finish our tour ahead of time.
  • Security. Something fundamental and that we must bear in mind in any backpack, is the ease with which it can be opened. Especially in the backpacks ranging to the back, this factor will be of vital importance, although luckily many manufacturers have already taken this into account, and have in their backpacks systems of openings that are only accessible when we don’t have it subject. Waist bags zippers tend to be accessible to everyone, so we have to have a little more caution in areas with busy.
  • Comfort. There are backpacks that look like one extension of our body, very easy to carry and with which we will gain in agility, fundamental if our type of photography required to be in constant motion and career. As in everything, it will be difficult to find a large backpack and at the same time comfortable, because usually the smallest tend to be the most appropriate for this.
  • Resistance. It is not that there is many types of categories within the backpacks, but if there are some specially designed for a type of photography. In this type we can find backpacks called for adventures, which usually go with major reinforcements in the holders and the most waterproof cases. It is important to choose a type of resistance depending on the kind of places that we usually go. If we practice urban photography, perhaps it’s not necessary to be very strict, but if we practice photography of amphibians or in enough water, tightness should be a mandatory feature.
  • Type of use. It is not the same using a backpack for day to day, than to specific tours from time to time. If we leave the city or make a quick trip, will be best choice having a small backpack and that can be transported comfortably, even that something should happen more unnoticed, since this kind of breaks we tend to be a little more selective in choosing our team. If we make a fairly long trip, it will be important to have all the equipment needed to complete.
  • Last but not least will be the price. It could be both the main characteristic for many, as the last few, but I think that the first and foremost is to get an idea of what we need, and accordingly adjust the money that we spend. Depending on the type of backpack, their characteristics and the brand, we can buy one by no more than 50 euros, as also spend more than 500 euros.

Features of Backpack