How to Choose Pillows

Pillow, often n neglected by its users, yet is the essential accessory for a comfortable sleep. A wrong position during sleep can cause tension, neck pain, migraines and headaches. The House of the pillow says what type of Pillow choose depending on his sleeping position.

Health professionals advocate also the alternation in position on the side and on the back. The worst being on the stomach…

If you sleep on your side: Good news, this is the ideal sleeping position! Very relaxing for the back, it is further enhanced if you sleep as a gun dog, slightly bent legs.
> Dictfurniture advises you choose a pillow depending on its thickness from the point of your shoulder support. Goal: the thickness of your pillow should allow you to align your spine.

If you sleep on your back: only disadvantage of this position: it promotes the snoring… Otherwise, it is favorable to your back.
> The ideal is to opt for a pillow ergonomic but not too thick, not ‘ twist ‘ during the night your spine.

If you sleep on the sales: it’s the worst position for the back! Even if it sounds not if simple, try to change by forcing yourself to you lie on your stomach or back.
> If you do not, opt for a thin and soft pillow. The pillows ergonomic or too large are to be avoided in this case!

Note: the House of the pillow offers a very simple application that allows to choose the pillow that fits each. After a study of your position of sleeping, your body type, and the type of comfort, the application will reveal your profile and offers a selection of pillows made to measure.