How to Choose Evening Dresses for Girls of Low Height

To see fabulous and elegant, we must dress according to the body type we have, each garment that should help our female figure. Dresses that look cute in the models of high stature, there are very good in women’s low stura.

Choose styles that lengthen your silhouette

All women of stature, should use styles that make them see higher. To do so, are encouraged to opt for evening dresses that have an empire waist. If the dress that you have at home does not have a well defined waist, I advise you to use a cute belt and place it above the waist, so your legs will be long. Other forms of elongate the legs, is to use vertical-striped dresses and also a draping flowing straight.

It balances your body

Believe it or not, there are many girls who are shorter but have legs enough long for your body. If you have this type of body, you must try to lengthen your torso and not your legs, so you will be able to harmoniously balance your body. To make our torso look longer, we have to use a beautiful belt, either below or above the waist. It is also recommended to wear evening dresses that have a neckline in V.

It uses formal cocktail dresses of silk and lace

Long dresses are the recommended for a formal evening, but if you’re short, will not do any long dress you. For this reason, women of stature must choose better, formal cocktail dresses that are silk or lace.

Avoid using a large bulky skirt

Select those dresses that wrap your body and that to expand enough to make you walk comfortably. Do not try to use a large bulky skirt, because it’s a design that cut your body in half and reduces your height too.

Uses tight clothing. Clothing or tight-fitting garments are favourable for all women of small stature. Use these items that highlight your small body balanced and very stylish. Don’t get clothes that are too long, long skirts and bulky coats, because they will make you smaller for already it.

Buy belts. His belt, aims to help you show off a tiny waist and at the same time your figure will be longer. Always a question of comparing a fine belt and use it on your waist to make your torso look longer, at the same time your whole body of look slim. The belt color should match the color of the garment that you use, so everything will look balanced and in harmony.

Choose diplomatic stripes. See more high and looks like a business woman, I recommend you to use diplomatic stripes. Horizontal stripes make make your body look wider and the vertical stripes are great to look higher.

Put on clothes of a single color. Mostly women of small stature, tend to use clothing of a single color. For example; solid colors are essential to lengthen the body and appear higher. Prints are not suitable for small women, because they break the figure, making them look more casualties of already are. So, better use items that are of a single color (solid color) and if you want to add color to your look, choose shoes or bags that are light colored.