How to Choose a New Bathroom Faucet

First repair the bathroom is impossible to pass by this Part, the faucet for hot and cold water.

Variety of assortment, of course, inspires creative innovation in the bathroom.

  • Hike to the nearest store plumbing.

1. Twin valve. This type of mixer, each of us has ever seen. It is customary for us, classic mixer, a native of the USSR. In mixer valve has two pens. One of them is responsible for cold and one for hot water. The most common type of mixer. It has a number of advantages. This is less sensitive to contamination of water with sand, rust and other materials. It is convenient to be carefully upgrade water as the temperature and volume of water from the tap. It will be useful to those who put in meters of apartments, ie to save.

2. Single-lever mixers. Most versatile mixers of the whole range of commonly purchased mixers. Quite quickly gained popularity due to easy. Unlike previous mixers type, it has a long-term operation in good condition and excellent flexibility, thanks to the regulation of water a handle. In order to turn and adjust the water, we need only turn the handle one: up and down to adjust the head left and right to adjust the temperature of the water supply. It’s very simple. Installation of the selected type of mixer can be done by someone I do not know the skills of the work of a locksmith.

3. Thermostats. Significantly different in the price range and has a number of advantages. By name you can understand that this type of mixer maintain a certain temperature. First mixer is adapted to a certain temperature, and then continue to be used. The phenomenon is that the faucet will keep the temperature in every respect. He will give you incineration or cool. The most useful would be this type of mixer for families with young children and people who do not like temperature extremes, it is often in our water systems.