How to Choose a Good Scarf

When I along with his girlfriend a cool late summer evening in late August left the NK’s press preview was a firm conviction. This autumn and winter were the huge neck rolls, take the stage. As mandatory as the hat and gloves in January, it would be with a three meter long scarf in november. So it was of course not. Striped and checkered, colorful most of the time, but long before they’re not.

It is, in any case, the general impression after a turn around the usual shopping areas. You can see what the guy on the street wrapped around your neck so don’t change the appearance significantly. These striped scarves in all colors of the Rainbow leaves an almost identical marks. Where color otherwise contributes to a personal touch, this becomes immaterial, as they all scream out “I’m a cheap attempt to spice up an otherwise drab attire”. But there is no sense that I’m sitting here and complaining. It’s your job. No, I was going to show a few of the positive signs that we can find in store shelves.

Filippa K 600 SEK

First off, we have a decent attempt from Filippa K. I like the sturdy feeling as the scarf gives. It’s long and it’s rough. White and gray may not be errors and signals on good and evil Canny sparse style. The only problem I have with this particular scarf is that it has not dared to/wanted to go all the way. It is sufficiently long and wide to stand out, but not long enough to fall so neatly that I desired. Now it becomes instead a little tricky to get to it to look really good.

On the whole, it is still a really nice scarf that certainly fits like a glove on you that is a little shorter.

Acne 600 SEK

I know it will soon be too cold for the leather jacket, but in the days that are left, it is not wrong to let it be joined by this awesome creation from Acne. The scarf is just over three metres long, elegant and Bohemian at the same time. Maybe not so extravagant, yet something that makes you stand out and that at the same time settles really neat – a property of neck cloths that cannot be overestimated. In short, a personal favorite.

Christensen SEK 449 (STUK)

Then there was this with striped and colorful scarves. This scarf from Christensen still has a few right. Black, gray and purple, it cannot fail this autumn, although it is a safe color combination transfers it not the fact that it’s a neat combination. Additionally, scarf very tightly knit which means that it takes plenty of space when you unwrap it, something which is a big plus in my books. On the whole, a very handsome thing that fits to the most of it.

A tip for those of you who still think it’s the smallest team is to combine it with another scarf. Here I have put it back together with a black scarf from Atlas design. It gives a sense of extravagant, and for what it’s worth, it feels right in the autumn (winter).

Hope 499 SEK (SOLO)

Finally, it is so that it does not have to be large to be neat. The scarf of Hope has a nice multifunction. as for the combination, hyperrestaurant advises you wear it with a casual denim shirt. I’m really weak for such a seemingly unassuming accessories in its proper environment becomes incredibly obvious.