How to Choose a Bag to Give Away to Mom

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If you ask women what’s your favorite accessory, most of them will answer: jewelry, shoes or handbags; mothers don’t run the rules. Based on this thinking, have prepared for you a special article about how to choose a handbag as a gift for mom.

Check Below Some Tips And Find Out What The Purse That Matches The More Your Style.

Super Style

If your mom is the kind that carries the hidden House, always have a remedy for headache, nausea, colic; If she always has an agenda available, a pen; If she never forgets the sunscreen, the makeup, the absorber, the cell phone … Without doubt, she is a super mom. And more than you need, deserve to win a gift bag containing all your essential gear. If you have one of those supermoms, choose a big bag, lightweight, comfortable and have a good division of compartments.

Classical Style

If your mother is of those who have a sober style, use combined parts, never make exaggerations and are always bem-arrumadas, the ideal bag for it is that simple, not too much detail — whether large, small or medium, but very elegant.

Young Style

You know those mothers who everybody thinks is our sister? This is the youngest mother, choose for her a colorful bag, maybe with pictures of characters like Garfield or Betty Boop, and that has some dangle like a matching Keychain, for example.

Practical Style

If your mother is one of those that don’t open hand of practicality, you always have everything under control, organized, and often use the same Exchange in daily life, without a doubt, she’s the type who prefers classical color handbags – black, Brown or nude-and with several compartments.

Fashion Style

Mom fashion is that you’re always on top of everything that happens in the world of fashion. She is cool, and that means you should choose, preferably one of the models recommended by the fashion magazines that she loves so much.

Working Style

You know that mother who works all the time, leaves home early, sometimes late, and can only go back at night? The ideal bag for her is the spacious, which shall include all items required for your day out of the House to be perfect. Choose a big purse, with internal compartments and neutral color, which is easier to combine with any kind of clothing.

Traveler Style

If your mother is one of those who works out of town and spend more time coming and going to the airport than at home, she makes the style traveler. Choose bags, suitcases or bottle racks. Don’t forget to perfect in choice of colors and details to which this is really striking, and she remembers you wherever you go.

There are many other kinds of mothers, in fact, every mother is really unique. Note your style, ask quietly investigate the pieces in your closet, combine what you find our tips and be sure to choose the perfect gift: a beautiful bag that will leave your mother very happy.