How to Change Electric Shower Resistance

The main reasons for the electric shower to stop working are problems in the power grid or burned resistance. For the first case, you need to hire an electrician or technician to verify the problem and solve professionally. For the second, easy solution, the repair can be accomplished without difficulty or risk to their safety. Just follow a few simple and quick steps.

Please have

  • A new resistance (check the specifications in the shower of the instruction manual, make and model)
  • A brush for cleaning
  • Screwdriver (for some shower models)
  • A small sandpaper
  • A small pliers


  1. Make sure the shower is, in fact, burned, letting the water fall for a few seconds. Close, turn off the switch and turn on again. Repeat the process and check if the water is heating up. This process is done because, at times, the water does not fill the shower cubicle and the diaphragm – responsible for supporting the electrical points and drive the electric current – does not rise, preventing the points touching the top of the shower, which is connected to the power grid.
  2. Be sure to wear shoes with rubber soles to prevent electric shock, isolating the body from the ground. Turn off the main breaker.
  3. Remove the shower, unscrewing the spreader and removing the lid. Some showers may require the use of the screwdriver at that stage. Be careful not to damage the rubber is between the camera and cover, as it serves to ensure closure without risk of leakage.
  4. Before placing the new resistance, consider to clean the camera, especially the contacts, and the spreader, using the brush and sandpaper. If there are clogged nozzles, clears them with a pin.
  5. Check the position of fire resistance. The new resistor must be placed in the same position. Note that it has a higher and a lower part. This means that there is a specific way to be applied to the contacts. It can be noted a greater stretch between contacts, where the most strength is applied, and a lower, which is applied to corresponding lower part.
  6. Remove the burned resistance with the pliers and attach the new at the ends of the contacts and the channel (or guide).
  7. With the new resistance positioned, reassemble the shower with the camera, cover and cap.
  8. Before switching on the circuit breaker, open the shower and let the water fall for a few seconds (as in the case initially made ​​to see if the shower was burned).This causes air to be removed from the chamber and this, in turn, is filled with water. This process is important to prevent the new resistance also will burn. After filling the chamber, turn the main switch and move the key from the shower to the winter position. Check the heating water.

Tips and curiosities

 The winter / summer key is responsible for regulating the strength of the portion to be covered by the electric current. In the summer, all resistance is activated, allowing more space for the movement of electrons, heating up less resistance in winter position only part of it is activated, allowing less room to roam electrons, causing them to collide each other more , leaving the hot strength, raising the water temperature.
 When handling any electrical components, do not do it with your palm. Use the back of your hand on the energized component, the muscles will contract, causing the fingers to grip the part.
 When replacing the shower in the pipe, seal it with tape thread sealing to prevent leaks.
 The ground wire, present in electric showers is green or green / yellow color, and should be carefully handled and placed back in the same position, in this way you can mitigate the risk of electric shock.