How The Children Enjoy Making Their Own Necklaces and Bracelets!

These days of Christmas, between lunch and dinner, trips and outings, have had time to take advantage of some gift from Santa Claus and have passed awhile very entertaining with the girls making bracelets and necklaces.

It is a simple activity that children devote much attention and concentration, apart from having to prove their skill by inserting the parts in the thread, but up to three-year-olds can begin to do so.

To develop their own necklaces and bracelets elastic thread and small pieces, along with the accounts of colors and different shapes that will make up the little “gem” is required. In many shops market already sold sets of beads and thread, us Santa Claus brought us a small box with hearts and another with flowers.

Combining both forms and different colors, children only have to insert the parts in the thread, and we will be measuring to verify the amount they need as they go to the wrist or neck. When we already have all the accounts, just cut and tie a good knot joining the two ends.

How The Children Enjoy Making Their Own Necklaces and Bracelets

On, there are many models of accounts to make necklaces and bracelets, from the classic pearl paper to very funny shapes. You have to discard the smaller because of the difficulty for the children (and the risk of losing more easily). Most are something “feminine” as they mark the conventions, but also it any more “neutral”.

It is an activity that we along with the children to avoid the danger of that put any parts in the mouth, you can not leave them alone. Pass it very well and surprised the “logic” that have to join accounts and create the jewels to your liking.

In the end, the greatest satisfaction of children is that have your wrist or your necklace created by themselves, they will not teach them to the family and friends “presuming” his work of art. We already have two bracelets and two necklaces, and will make some hanging and keychain more.