How Much Does It Cost to Ensure the Health of Your Pet?

o ensure the health of your pet is something complex and costly. We did the math and divide it by the threads to know how much you have to spend.

Health of Pet

Are a company amazing and become friends for life. But there is that know how to take care properly be dog, cat, fish or parakeet. As such, between this economics class to know how much does it cost to ensure the health of your pet.

We do not want with this to discourage anyone from having a new friend, however it is important that you make a conscious choice. In addition, there are currently options to help meet the budget available for the pet.


Do not think that in this field only are implied by the queries in the veterinary and vaccines. Everything that your pet eat, drink, and do will reflect on your health or lack thereof. As such, it is important that you look at the overall picture, to avoid any kind of problem.


Depending on the animal and breed there are types of food that are most appropriate. And within that segment several brands are available, so that the average value in this field is of 25€.


In the case of dogs, only one vaccine is mandatory: the of anger, the cost of which can vary between 5€and 10€, depending on whether it is given during the annual campaign of vaccination of the municipal councils or not. All the rest are optional, such as vaccinations of distemper, hepatitis by adenovirus, parvovirus, leptospirosis, and the call cough of the kennel and, in these cases, prices can reach up to 20€for each dose.

In the case of cats, there is no vaccine mandatory, but we recommend administration of the vaccine of the panleucopénia (gastroenteritis), runny nose (fever cats) and leukosis feline, whose prices may exceed 10€.


Both the dogs as the cats must be treated against parasites at least twice a year, so it is an expense the double. Being that the price of each desparasitante, internal or external, depends on the weight of the animal, you can count with an annual value of around 30€.


All dogs born from July, 2008 to dangerous dogs and potentially dangerous dogs and hunting dogs on display for commercial purposes or profit, are required to have microchip, whose price is around 15€.

In case you lose your pet, and he does not have microchip and is collected by the local authorities, know that it will be responsible for the payment of the costs of food, accommodation, in addition to appropriate fines for non-compliance to bequeath. And this can cost up to 3740€.


Only the dogs of the breed considered to be dangerous are required to have civil liability insurance, with minimum capital of 50 thousand euros. Subscription to this service is around 50€ per year.

If you choose to have a health insurance, there are various prices available in the market. However, before you subscribe to any, you should look carefully all the conditions of the policy to determine which is the most suitable for you.

If you are in doubt, we can help: the plan of the animal health Vetecare, available from 13€ is one of the most comprehensive and complete of the market. Since all of the veterinary services, alternative medicines, up to the area of animal welfare, will find this plan to answer to questions that there is a lot places and to which, until then, no health insurance had given the response.


Prices vary greatly in this field, but know already that it is more expensive to neuter or spay a female than a male, because it is a procedure more delicate.

You may inquire with the associations of animals in your area of residence or through the vet’s hall, for practice at the most affordable prices.

In the case of males, the prices can go from 40€ to 70€. In the case of females, from 50€ to 90€.


Don’t forget that when you adopt an animal you must buy a bed, blanket, carrier, feeder, water fountain, leash and collar in the case of the dogs, and toys. Items that in total can easily exceed 100€.


The animals do not pay tickets on public transport, as bus and train. However, in the case of the aircraft, and if not the case of guide dogs, the case is quite different. Each company has its own rules of transportation and their costs.


Accounts made, to ensure the health of your pet can cost a few thousand euros. And all this without taking into account unforeseen circumstances, such as illnesses, surgeries, or accidents, that will soon shoot any family budget monthly. As such, all savings that you can enjoy is welcome. And we have a great suggestion for you: the plan of the animal health Vetecare.

It is one of the options the most complete of the area and give you the answer to all your needs and those of your pet and even those who didn’t know I had.

From only€ 13 per month, you may have a savings effective annual several tens of euros, at the same time that accesses to various services, products and professionals an easy, fast and affordable. Order now today its commercial proposal and improve the life of your pet, because he deserves everything!