How Did the wallpaper

The use of the  wallpaper  has been increasingly frequent, because it  renews the various types of environments, making them more  beautiful, cozy and nice.

What many don’t know is that he appeared in China around 200 b.c., as a  decorative element  of palaces and walls of rich merchants.

Initially it was produced with rice paper, without any detail. After he was done with vegetable parchment, where artisans drew by hand, until the invention of wooden decorative stamps, which printed the drawings after being soaked in ink.

The Arabs have learned the technique with the Chinese, and they took the wallpapers to Europe in the 16th century. There, began to replace the fabrics and tapestries used by Europeans, for wallpapers with printed artwork.

So he became popular, and arrived in Brazil in the late 19th century European immigration, evolving into the  wallpaper .
The wallpaper adhesive

The world today requires practicality, due to the rush of day-by-day. People not give up being received in their homes in a pleasant and cozy after a stressful day.

The wallpaper adhesive from foodanddrinkjournal  is practical and decorates all types of environments: walls, doors, Windows, Windows, tiles, furniture, appliances, etc.

Is developed within the concept “apply yourself”, since it does not require skilled labor, for  ease of installation.

Unlike wallpaper that require glue application, leaving strong smell, the  wallpaper adhesive  is  sticker(no need of glue), which  greatly reduces the cost, time of application and makes no mess. In addition, it is  environmentally friendly because it does not have heavy metals and is nontoxic.

Can be  applied in internal and external environments, with  high durability. It is also  adjustable in the time of application, anti-mold, anti-bacterium, does not propagate the fire, and much to the surprise of many, he is  washable!

With it is possible to create an own compositionusing different themes of  papers and wall stickers.
The  wallpaper adhesive  is the true  evolution  of the wallpaper with very attractive prices.