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The second episode of the new phonebook ironic and edgy at the right point, a journey to discover the most popular of Web.Chi Youtubers are? And because they wanted to try to make themselves known, screaming his way of being and their ideas, through this information channel? The first episode.

In a dull day, I decided that my look was to run towards a drastic change, but effective without creating a mess, and so, in the endless quest to understand how to make my purple hair to Katy Perry, I came across the video of this fantastic artist!
This would define a face painter-you can tell?-with a little ‘eye shadow, false eyelashes and lipstick can create on her real works of art! But you say, “What the hell centers the trick with the hair!?”. And I answer by telling you read this article and discover new question after question!

I will tell of The Black Lipstick

  • Youtube is famous for the great vastness and video types, but those of the make-up seems to be the most popular according to ehealthfacts, and more views. In this jungle of eye shadows, you as you think you are could be distinguished from all the other gurus of the make-up, and have thus been able to grow your followers? And what prompted you to open your channel?

On YouTube you can find anything, there are billions of channels managed by people so different from each other, so I like it, because you will always find the one that suits you!
I like to believe that my followers Seguino me for originality of my tricks and also because after so much ostentatious ipercostosi products I believe that many will please have someone who proves to know fix without spending a fortune in tips!

When I opened the channel for a long time I watched videos makeup of other YouTubers, at that time he often makes the special tricks, important, and that took me a long time, to go out only perhaps with a friend; the makeup was then a passion of mine, we was losing time every day, but in the end I being a professional makeup artist and not the other on her makeup for a living, my passion I always left with a sense of dissatisfaction, I felt I had created something nice though destined to be deleted from a little ‘make-up remover! the videos and photos instead crystallize moments and also the tricks! by creating video tutorials I feel that those truccose creations that I like so much do not go to waste, but which remain immortal, ready to be admired!

Your own, in my opinion, beautiful feature, is to change hair color often, in your video tutorial by also advice about this, I emphasize the fact that from your facebook page, I noticed a large participation in the change of color literally outside the lines, as part of your audience. How did your passion for crazy hair !? And what would you recommend to our readers desirous to transgress the ordinary color of their hair!?

It started everything with the Color Pulse, was a dye that lasted a few washes, inside an orange highlighter pack that was so fashionable when I was still a little girl. A product designed for 15 year olds that promised bizarre color but easily erasable, the product itself was not working at all, I bought the purple but I came out of nowhere, however, had the advantage of instigating for the first time in me the desire of bright colors, before then I never would have thought of blue or green hair! Dissatisfied by the success of that time I thought the purple color after me by buying a professional color to your dealer for hairdressers, he worked and I opened a world! Purple is my favorite hair color, but like change, these colors are semi-permanent, so when the color goes away you have to redo the paint so why not change color every time? I love the idea of being able to match my hair to my mood, the time of life I’m going through, change hair like changing clothes to always find a new me to show the world.

To your readers the only advice I can give is: splurge! Many people write to me saying that they are afraid that the hair will be damaged too much, I always say that the hair grows back! Especially if you are young girls, I wonder if these things are not done in twenty years, or 25, 15 or 30 when you can do?

Personally, I hope to continue to have the hair crazy colors, if I still want to have, even fifty years!
If you think you feel more comfortable with a bold color, why be afraid?
Remember that nothing is forever, and if you were to get sick with that color you can always go back, lighten, darken and change all again!
Try it costs nothing!

  • As mentioned previously, Youtube depopulated guru of make-up, each with its own style.You who still have a style of your own, and which in my opinion is very eccentric-in positive-sense, it still inspires to some of them, or yours is pure inspiration dictated only by your personal art!?My tricks draw from my passion for makeup that was born well before I found the world of youtube truccoso, indeed I think before the birth of the same youtube! I appreciate many YouTubers, but do not think to inspire me to some of them, if not from the technical side of video creation, for example, I admire the way you edit the KlairDeLysArt video that manages to stay a long and elaborate face painting in three minutes video!
  • I must admit, unfortunately, either for lack of time, or do you want for the habit, I tend to always wear makeup the same way every day!For a girl like me, wants to change a little ‘look, always bearing in mind to only have those 10 minutes morning to prepare, what advice would you give!?Well’, first of all recommend it, jokingly, to wake up earlier! =) To have only 10 minutes to wear makeup necessarily mean having to give up something, you can choose to put eyeliner and mascara, pencil and mascara, or to use eyeshadows but without creating anything too elaborato.Avere 10 minutes to create their own trick certainly something that limits the creative possibilities, but let us always remember that any product, we use normally for our trick 10 minutes, exists in an infinite variety of colors!  If you typically use only the black eyeliner, why not try to put a golden eyeliner and a black eye early in the second half? You can create infinite combinations and endless tricks simply by combining two colored eyeliner! The same goes for pencils and eye shadows.I advise you, therefore, to use the same technique to which you have grown accustomed, by simply choosing more and different colors, so you add a touch of fun to your day!
  • As everyone will know next week we celebrate Halloween, and you like so many other gurus of the make-up you indulged with the recommended tricks for this event.Who was there among all your makeup tips that you prefer? And why? There are two in particular, my very last video tutorial, inspired by the black eye, because I firmly believe that the last video made ​​both in 99% of cases the best video (it gets better); and my makeup inspired by Pop Art, where I represented the weeping blonde women protagonists of many famous comic strips!


  • If you were to give advice to a young girl with makeup novice, where would you begin!?
    I would advise you to watch videos on YouTube because it is the best way to learn everything you need to know about the make-up world!
  • What do you think are the main steps to become a good make-up artis?!
    A lot of passion and a good professional training in all fields, which means staying up to date and do not stop at the first make-up course of the examination, there is always learning and the world of makeup is really huge!
  • Went back riapriresti your channel?Why?
    No doubt it! At the moment they are not at all regret having opened it, although I admit to finding some of my first videos really unwatchable; It is a wonderful experience and a challenge, video after video!
  • Is there any channel of makeup that you believe deserves more views?
    There are many, not one in particular, but I see a lot of really beautiful video with a “few” views than video less original and processed, however, created by the most famous YouTubers.YouTube takes a lot of luck, not enough to be good, not always the best ones are the best known!
  • What do you think are the three main elements to open from scratch a make-up channel?
    Experience in the field of makeup – Originality in tricks-a long time to edit video
  • What you could never give up in your make-up?
    To all the makeup!Mainly mascara, false eyelashes and eye shadow… which sums up almost all of makeup products! If I had to choose one product I do not think I would choose!

The BlackLipstick thank for his time, and his advice on make up and not only!!

Then, at the next YouTubers!

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